The purpose of the management system is to help the gym in its survival and growth enhancement. Wellyx is a modern software designed to achieve the same objective. This software allows fitness centers to win out their local market far better than their competitors. We are proud to be the only system in our market that meets clients’ needs and serves their best interests.

What Is the Back Story Behind This Idea?

By doing a deeper analysis of the market, I realized that every software available replicates the market leader system. There is no to very little innovation for the gym owners. You can also call it a disrupted industry. So, I felt there was a chance to introduce something new to gym owners.

The first and foremost need was to engage a highly dedicated team to fulfill this dream. They should be the ones who are deeply interested in the interest of the fitness industry. We then met with various gym owners to find out what it feels like to be in the shoes of a fitness studio owner.

Here Is What We Found Out with Our Research:

Poor marketing beats the product almost everywhere. Therefore, we need to focus more on marketing, distribution, and sales to grow much faster in our early years.

Product Designing, Prototyping, And Manufacturing:

I won’t emphasize how much we worked hard on our research to the final product. By analyzing competition, I can assure you that most competitors haven’t done this. It was evident in the execution and the delivery of the product.

The significant decisions that really helped us in marketing our product faster are:

  • The decision to buy commercial rights to open a payment gateway and build the management features on top of it.
  • Jumping on including all famous payment processing in the platforms.

Both of these things seemed very risky to us, but we were sure that customers would find value in them in the future.

Process Of Launching Software:

Since we had a revenue shortage and were self-financed, we were cost-conscious about every early cost decision. We worked hard day and night to make it happen. We launched the software for the first time in 2015. Before launching this software, we practiced it in our health club. We have tried many systems, but none of them worked for us. Hence, we decided to launch our own.

What Has Worked More to Attract Consumers, Since Launch?

There are a lot of pieces of advice circulating in the market who are concerned about how to start a fitness business. Most of you have heard them all. But I will talk about something that is usually start-ups overlooked. Trust me, that thing has done wonders for us.

  • Unique Value-Add Give Away Marketing: 

We have developed a product that will win. The only need was to break into the market and get our brand famous. We can’t satisfy ourselves by selling it to one person for that purpose. We knew that we were offering a quality product, so we decided to offer it to gyms at a minimum cost. Furthermore, we also offered a free trial account.

·         24/7 Customer Support:

The team of our support experts is available for you around the clock for your assistance. We have provided the following opportunities to get in touch with us.

  • Start a support ticket.
  • Email us.
  • Give us a call.
  • Case study.

·         Free App Included:

It allows gym clients to book classes and services and access POS with our customer and staff app whenever needed. Features that the app of the Gym Software provides are:

  • Profile management.
  • Frictionless checkout experience.
  • Classes and services.
  • Forms and waivers.
  • Cancelation and reschedule.
  • Branded app.
  • Waitlist.

How Are We Currently Doing?

We have become successful to a stage where my business is earning $100K per month. The future of the software looks unique and bright. We have targeted a market that is begging for the change. I believe that we all have control over destiny. We can make things change in our way by using great strategy and dedication.

The one thing that is good about the business is we are not relying on the revenue stream of software. Besides the fitness industry, we are also targeting the wellness industry. So, diversity of revenue streams is helping a lot in our growth. The best thing we are doing is reinvesting the revenue to make our system better than before. When you double your business every year without any time spent optimizing it. You know that you have a severe product-market fit. As an added benefit, if our software takes hold as we think it will, it will force competitors to react. When you put competitors on their heels, they strive hard to stand again. This is something I personally really love to see.

If you want to make the most of your knowledge, you should be in a distraction-free environment. If you don’t have that place, walk or run for 30 minutes and experience how much you absorb.

Advice For the Beginners:

Many people want to earn $100 k/month. Most of them have already idea about how to do this. Maybe most of you were already aware of the advice I want to give. But I will give all of you two pieces of advice here. The first one might be well-known, but the other one makes the first one work.

·         Get Used to Failure:

I would love to encourage people to think big and not be afraid of failure. I know that this fear is not easy to handle, and it is true. If you are going to start a new business, you will fail daily. So, get used to it.

·         Develop Some Processes to Learn from Failure:

If you only follow my first advice, you will definitely lose a battle. You need to have a robust process that helps you learn from failure. Understand the consequences of each and learn from them.

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