Exploration of Unani Medicine for Blood Purification

Date back in Aristotle time, we found the establishment of the initial ground of the theory of humours. Later, Hippocrates, Jalinoos, and many others collectively supported this ancient unani concept. Immense work on humours theory reflects the importance of blood in the human body. Infact, we discovered a long time ago that diseases caused by abnormalities in humours. Therefore, this concept led to the formulation of many unani medicines for blood purification. 

Even though the theory has not shared any experimental verification for a long time. Now we have incorporated modern analytics and techniques that collectively favors this humours theory. Today we have many unani medicine for blood purification that provides medical cure and care in pronounced hematological disorders. 

Let’s dive in to have a detailed guide on unani medicine for blood purification (Tasfiya al-Dam). 

Long established Unani Concepts on Blood

Ancient people were unaware of medical treatments for a long time. A large number of locals die of sudden spread of pandemic or any epidemic. Nonetheless, these were not the only death causes. Various symptoms of diseases like leukemia, anemia, and other hematological disorders had been reported but due to lack of knowledge on the subject, they had faced serious consequences. Locals and physicians of that time period used to employ hit and miss methods to solve their medical problems. But this was not applicable for blood related diseases. 

Then, the ancient unani scholars took the aid of ancient unani theory of humors to have familiarity with their diseases. 

Four Humours (Akhlat) Theory 

This theory briefly explains that a human body is made of four types of humours (Akhlat) that are given below: 

  • Dam (blood)
  • Balgham (phlegm)
  • Safra (yellow bile)
  • Sauda (black bile)

Normal humor contains all the four akhlat to be in equal proportion, both quantitatively and qualitatively. In simple words, normal humor proportion means healthy body condition.  

On the other hand, a morbid humor (Khilt Radi) marks an inadequate proportion of body humors, causing a disease. 

Blood and Body Temperament (Mizaj)

Our body has optimum temperature for performing normal body activities. Whenever a foreign body enters the body, our immune cells initiate a normal defense system.

Usually all the chemical coordination in the body occurs via blood. Therefore, when foreign bodies enter our body, it is blood that transports it. These pathogens make the blood impure so mostly medical doctors do blood test to find the cause. Thereby, we have lymphocytes (Kurayyat Bayda’) in blood that detect their presence and try to kill them. So, the body temperature rises. 

Importance of Blood (dam)

  • Blood (dam) is such a crucial factor for our body that it covers 7-8 % of our body. 
  • Meanwhile, it is the only means of chemical coordination that we require for synchronizing organ and organ system’s activities. 
  • Our blood comprises 45% blood cells and 55 % plasma (Khaliyyat Sa’ila). 
  • It is responsible for nutrients and oxygen transportation throughout the body. 
  • Blood is subsequently involved in the nitrogenous waste management.
  • At the same time, it is involved in thermoregulation. 

Keeping all these important tasks of blood, we can easily estimate the importance of blood purification (Tasfiya al-Dam) inside the body. 

Hematological Disorder due to Blood Impurification 

Normally every person has a specific type of blood group that looks normal in color, odor and viscosity with a uniform quantity and quality of plasma (Khaliyyat Sa’ila) and blood cells. So, entrance of any unwanted substance in the blood not only makes it impure but also causes different blood related disorders. 

We generally categorize all the hematological disorder caused by blood impurification into three main types, which are given below: 

Low Blood Viscosity (Riqqate dam)

It covers all the bleeding problems, especially coagulopathy. 

Blood Hyper Viscosity (Ghilzate dam)

All the thromboembolic disorders like polycythaemia, leukemia and anemia are included in this category. 

Infections (ufunat)

All the bacterial infections fall in this type. 

Treatment of Blood Impurities | Unani Medicine for Blood Purification

Nonetheless, Ibn Rushd pointed out years ago that if the blood’s consistency remains consistent, the body temperament stays normal. Therefore, the treatment of morbid blood (Khilt Radi) lies in blood purify. We have built confidence in ancient unani medicine for blood purification (Tasfiya al-Dam).  Enlisted below are some of the common but effective unani medicines for blood purification (Tasfiya al-Dam). 

  • Itrifal shahtra
  • Majun Ushba
  • Sharbat unab 
  • Qurs Musaffi Murakab
  • Majun Musaffi Azam

What Unani Medicine for Blood Purification does for us?

Morbid blood (blood impurity) usually occurs due to chemicals that are poured or absorbed from different body organs into the bloodstream. All the digestive organs, spleen, liver, and kidney – all are included in these body organs. You might have noticed that most of the unani medicine for blood purification have slightly bitter tastes. This is because they include laxatives, lenitive, deobstruent, and irrigator properties. 


Considering blood the only medium for chemical coordination and transportation, we can easily configure the importance of blood in our body. Therefore, we have formulated a variety of unani medicine for blood purification. 

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