Hotel management brings three things to your mind, glamourous lifestyle, travel, and experiencing luxury through your work. All these are true, which is why the industry holds such a huge percentage of employment records. The study caters to many industries, including the service and management industry. 

Studying hotel management can lead you to multiple career choices and excel in life. It is very important to choose the best hotel management institution to achieve your desired career. Indian Institute of Hotel Management has been proving its excellence in educating and producing the best professionals in the industry for years. 

The best hotel management institute will have these qualities

Friendly educators: A friendly educator will make it easy to understand the lesson. If the educators are friendly with students, they can find extraordinary minds. A friend will understand you better, which is what a good educator will do. Students will be comfortable sharing their requirements and learning better.

More practical knowledge than theory: Hotel management is a study that involves more practical learning than theoretical. The theory will teach you numbers and professional terms, but practical lessons will teach the subject’s essence. An institute that offers more practical classes than theory will be better.

Faculty including renowned professionals in the field: An institute can be considered best if they have some renowned professionals on its faculty list. Learning from the professionals will make you understand the subject better. 

Best career guidance: Studying hotel management will lead to multiple career options. You can get into a hotel in their management team, be a chef, enter the event management industry, and get into travel and tourism professions. If an institute guides you to all these careers, that is a good institute. Hotel management is not only about being a chef or getting a job in a hotel, and it has a lot more to offer. The best institute will guide you through all career paths that you can take after taking a hotel management degree. 

Campus placement opportunities: Campus placement is a big issue for such professional courses. Everyone would like to get a placement after completing their hotel management course, and an institute that offers placement opportunities after completing your course is always better.

Why the Indian Institute of Hotel Management?

This institute checks all the boxes of qualities mentioned above. Apart from that, this institute offers a history of bringing in hotel management as a subject in Kolkata. This is one of the best Hotel Management Institute in Kolkata and the pioneer institute of hotel management in Kolkata. Who would not like to learn from the pioneers? They have developed the need for hotel management study in India. 

Indian Institute of Hotel Management excels in providing gold-level education and some of the best placement opportunities. Getting backup from your institute to make a successful career is all we want, and Indianihm offers you the same. 

How to get admission to Indianihm?

Getting admission to a hotel management institute will require you to take an eligibility test and interview. Getting into Indianihm is easy if you meet all the eligibility criteria. Here is a guide to admission in hotel management institutes, especially Indianihm.

  1. Collect the application form.
  2. Fill up the application form and submit with all attested copies of the documents mentioned.
  3. If your application fits in well, you will get a call to sit for the eligibility test.
  4. You will have to sit for a personal interview following the eligibility test.
  5. If you are selected, pay the required fees in the given time.
  6. You will be allowed to choose your course and start your learning journey at the hotel management institute. 

Key tips to take admission in hotel management institutes

Every institute offers a certain amount of student capacity, and if you want to be admitted to one of the best hotel management institutes, these tips will make it easy for you.

  • Be confident- In this industry, confidence is the key. You will learn many skills during the course, but having enough confidence already will help you get the seat.
  • Groom up yourself – You might have seen hotel management professionals are always well-groomed. They don’t have tattoos or hide them, wear sophisticated formals, and do not carry unusual hairstyles or makeup; everything is prime and proper. You will learn grooming skills during the course, but if you are already groomed, it will bring more chances to get into the institute.
  • Be polite – In the service industry, politeness is everything. No matter how the other person is behaving or how disturbed you are in your mind, you have to be polite. Being polite at the interview will convince the selectors to consider you as potential hotel management professional.
  • Keep your phone silent – A big mistake that many candidates make. Keep your phone silent whenever you are sitting for a test, interview, or meeting. No matter how busy you are, your current time is dedicated to your interview, and you should not be disturbed by any means. It is also an act of politeness and professionalism. 
  • Make a CV – Though your selection test at the institute will not ask for a CV making a CV will teach you about the do and don’ts of making a CV. You will have an idea of how much data to share. This will add to your professional skills at the beginning.

Bottom line

Hotel management is a pretty interesting field of study. If you want to become a professional in the service industry, studying hotel management can be a great beginning. Evaluate your desire for a career and apply to the field of study. Hotel management can be pretty interesting but also pretty tiring. You will have to work hard always and learn every day. If you can commit to such professionalism, then apply today to Indianihm. Learning from the best will give a kickstart to your career. 

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