Churches, pastors, and church communicators value efficient and timely communication. With so many social media apps and emails being sent and received, the need for text messaging for churches is apparent. It’s direct, simple, and at everyone’s fingertips.

The church and age groups have different communication preferences. Texting fits most people’s mobile lifestyles. Effectively sharing information with a church congregation benefits everyone, and some instances are more vital than others. Churches use texting to share prayer requests, event reminders, and emergency announcements.

This affordable strategy can alter church communications.

Here are 10 church texting benefits

Cheap Church Outreach

Cost can affect how churches communicate and perform outreach. Some churches have big communications expenditures; some don’t. Texting is a cost-effective way for churches to reach their congregations.

Texting a congregation is cheaper than printing flyers or other paper products and mailings. Texted information is more likely to be shared, saving printing and postage costs. Text messages are dynamic and garner immediate attention. In our distracted environment, few papers or emails have immediate power.

Text messages are quick to send and receive. Creating, printing, and distributing printed announcements involves more time and money. Texting saves churches time and money.

  • By using church text messaging, churches can
  • For group text event reminders, no paper fliers are required.
  • Texting group message responses decreases staff phone calls.

Reach more people

Social media, Sunday bulletins, and seasonal mailings are all effective ways to inform churches about upcoming events. Texting church members is faster and more personal.

Rodney Veldhuizen of Riverview Reformed Church says, “We’re much more connected, and the immediacy of text is a much more effective tool than I’ve ever had.” I get immediate responses where before it would take days or weeks.

Because individuals constantly have their phones nearby, it’s easier than ever to contact them. Everyone checks text messages multiple times each hour and responds quickly. This is wonderful news for churches that call and pass out fliers. Everyone benefits from reaching more people faster.

Texting allows churches to communicate with individuals and/or groups. Individual groups or ministry teams can build up texting groups to send and receive specialised messages. Texting is a fast, direct way to communicate with a large group at once.

Bulk messaging lets churches send invites, appointment reminders, or inspiring messages to a group at once.


It can be difficult to reach an entire congregation. Auto-messaging is a useful tool for churches who want to send anniversary, birthday, or other texts annually. Automation frees up time for church event planning.

Families, youth groups, kids, and adults can receive customised text messages from churches. Automated calling software can be set up for christenings, birthdays, holidays, or other occasions to create personalised greetings for specified groups. Creating various groups ensures everyone gets the right text at the right moment.


Leaders can get more information via SMS text messages. A church can improve its communication by asking for feedback on a sermon, a piece of music, or an event.

Feedback allows church members to get involved, contribute, and feel heard. When churches listen to members’ ideas and address their inquiries, they feel included.

Involving individuals makes them feel valued in the church. Any church needs comments on key events that need direction. Text message surveys are easy and convenient.

Subscription List

Many businesses and organisations want to grow their mailing list. also a goal for churches. Creating a subscriber list enables text message signups.

Churches add current members to their lists and invite them to invite friends. This helps prospective members or church buyers decide if the church matches their lifestyle.

Subscriptions are a great way to spread your message to new people. Churches welcome subscribers. This increases access to church activities and helps new members understand church life.

Live Text Polls

A live poll is a great tool to gauge real-time sermon response. Consider a sermon in which congregants ask questions. The preacher answers fast. This lets worshippers feel part of the community and the service.

Interactivity encourages congregations to feel like they’re contributing to the debate. There are techniques to manage text during the sermon to avoid interruptions. Otherwise, timing and too much information can impede a live texting sermon.

People can ask questions during the sermon via surveys.

Gathering Information

Churches can utilise text messaging to quickly disseminate information. Texting can be used to obtain congregational information. A simple way to get information is to ask for RSVPs. A survey is a more in-depth way to get information.

Congregants won’t have to visit or call the church office to make a specific request or submit information. Messaging is a rapid way to recruit volunteers.

Use texting for emergencies

Text messages can save a church community in an emergency. If there’s bad weather, a fire, or another calamity, the church can send out text messages with directions. This is significant in rural areas with few landlines and patchy mobile connectivity.

Using text messages during an emergency helps the church keep the congregation safe. This is a good concept for churches that may be disaster response centres in their area. Texting can spread information quickly and save lives in emergencies.

Church updates

Text messages might be sent to announce a guest speaker at Sunday’s service, church construction, or a cancelled event.

Timely updates help people prepare ahead of time to avoid missing crucial events. These notifications can help individuals avoid rescheduled events. Preparing your congregation will save time, work, and headaches. No matter how little, congregations appreciate being notified of schedule changes.

Improve church marketing

Church marketing is a great way to bring new people to services and events. More church information can help people learn about it. Messages about forthcoming activities and sermons can be texted to visitors, newcomers, and church shoppers. Texting is a simple way to reach new customers.

Texting a link to the church website is another effective marketing strategy. People can quickly obtain more information and resources. Text is the quickest way to convey a short message. Websites host longer-form material. This is a real-world marketing plan that’s straightforward to implement.

Texting can improve congregational communication

More churches employ text messaging and mobile text alerts to boost their marketing approach, whether to promote God’s word or welcome new members. Texting is useful for churches.

Before texting, we often heard “I didn’t know,” explains Andrea Solid of Mountaintop Faith Ministries.

These are a few ways churches can use text messages to improve communications, marketing, and outreach. Churches can try text marketing for free.

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