Currently, there is still a great deal of uncertainty when buying electric scooters. Previously unknown brands, for many people still foreign legal situations and differences in design (small tires vs. large tires) require either a competent expert advisor or your own research to find the best electric scooter for yourself.

If you have acquired enough knowledge or are one of the spontaneous buyers,then both the stationary bicycle and specialist trade as well as the Internet with its numerous online shops offer a very large selection of e-scooter offers. hoverboard girl since the price for a scooter can also exceed the 1,000 € limits, the installment purchase is also to be mentioned. Because many shops offer to buy the electric scooter in installments or to order it with payment term on the account. However, it should be calculated beforehand exactly whether the scooter rates also fit into the budget.

Prices – How much do electric scooters cost?

Cheap electric scooters for children start at about 90 € to 100 €. In most cases, road approval is missing and one accepts compromises in quality and performance. From 150 € to about 500 € models are available, with which even adults can find an inexpensive entry into the world of electric scooters. Between 500 € and 1,500, € are models that are also suitable for use by commuters. This is where the often mentioned points of road approval, range, and reliability come into play and the supply of spare parts is also given. For top models such as the soon-to-be-released X2City scooter from BMW, the price up to 2,500 € is also conceivable.

Electric scooter for sale

The used purchase can also be an alternative to the new purchase. However, the following considerations should be made. Since the market for electric scooters is only just being developed, not many used offers are available yet. In addition, it should be found out how many kilometers the battery has already delivered power. After a few hundred to 1,000 charges, the capacity of the battery decreases in the worst case and the specified ranges can no longer be achieved. In addition, you should always examine the model personally. A few scratches always accumulate over the course of use, but a bent handlebar or grinding noises while driving can also be indications of falls and accidents. If necessary, a new purchase of a scooter reduced in price is the better choice, especially since the manufacturer must also give a warranty on the device here.

Purchase criteria:

What to look for when buying an electric scooter, which components are particularly important, and what is there to report on material and quality.

Battery and range:

The battery is the heart of the scooter. Therefore, pay attention to the specified range, the number of possible recharges, and, if necessary, the possibility to replace or buy the battery. High ranges are about 40 kilometers with one battery charge, and the trend is rising.


It is essential to check whether the selected electric scooter has the road approval. Otherwise, fines, penalties threaten and the device is confiscated or confiscated in the worst case.

Foldable / Collapsible:

Scooters are not automatically collapsible. However, if you are looking for a space-saving model that can also be carried on public transport, you should use a foldable electric scooter. If the electric scooter is foldable, the weight should also be taken into account, so that even less strong people can still carry the device.


Electric scooters with tire sizes from 10 inches to 26 inches are offered. While the small foldable city scooters have rather 10-14 inch tires both front and rear, the recreational sports equipment is usually equipped with a 26-inch wheel at the front and a 20-inch wheel at the rear. The tires significantly determine the ride comfort of the scooter. Depending on the terrain such as cycle path, cobblestones or forest path, the tyres should be adapted to the requirements or taken into account when buying.


The weight of the scooters, including the battery, should not exceed the 20-kilo limit. Particularly light models are, for example, the SXT light Eco with only 10.7 kilograms or the lightest electric scooter in the world (also from SXT, as of Oct. 2017) with only 7.5 kilograms. The lightweight construction is made possible by the use of carbon.

Running board:

The running board should be non-slip and accommodate both feet. If you are not sure what size you need, place both feet – first next to each other and then one after the other – on a sheet of newspaper and trace the outlines of the feet. In our scooter tests, we also try to point out for which sizes the scooter running board is suitable.

Safety equipment:

Reasonable brakes should be installed to participate in road traffic and for personal protection. For scooters, (hydraulic) disc brakes have proven their worth. A lighting system that indicates braking to other road users and a speed indicator (speedometer) also contribute to safety. A non-slip running board as well.

Not included in the scope of delivery but still important is the personal safety equipment. A bicycle helmet should therefore always be bought with it, possibly also a few light gloves.

Observe safety instructions

Electric scooters travel between 15 and 25 km/h. Therefore, a helmet should be part of the basic equipment.best electric longboards further protection is provided by the elbow, knee, and wrist protectors. Special care should be taken in poor road conditions. Potholes are unpleasant to overcome with the small wheels. However, it becomes more dangerous in rain, wet road and autumn leaves, mud and snow. Braking properties and traction can be influenced. Basically, you should always operate the device as the local conditions and the weather conditions indicate.

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