Bachelors in Computer Sciences has gigantic extension in pretty much every industry throughout the world. The BSCS Subjects basically center around the strategies and ideas utilized in the improvement of cutting-edge programming frameworks. This BS Computer Science program assists understudies with the investigation of the applied groundwork of Computer Sciences like its crucial calculations and programming language, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The educational plan furnishes BSCS Students with profound information and wide abilities in regards to current programming and equipment ideas and acquaints them with various standards used in the IT Industry. Moreover, the students have the chance to look over a rich arrangement of electives.

There are immense job open doors for Bachelor in Computer Science graduates in an assortment of industries going from programming software areas to training and education, correspondence, trade, government, and so on. They may likewise seek entrepreneurship or research-driven businesses later on in their career. There are barely a few careers like Computer Sciences that offer such flexibility, scope, security, and possibilities.

Let’s have a look at the minimum criteria to enter the BSCS Degree program that mostly all of the universities in Pakistan have:

Requirements to enter the BSCS programA minimum of 50% marks in Intermediate, that is Pre-Engineering, Pre-Medical, or ICSIf someone has done A-Level or any other equivalent foreign education, then an equivalence certificate is required from the respective Educational Authority in PakistanSome universities in Pakistan also require 50% passing marks in entrance exams like NAT or their own Admission tests
BSCS Course DurationThis is a 4-year bachelor’s honors degree program

Aims and Objectives of the BSCS Degree Program

The BS Computer Science program at Pakistani Universities has been intended to create experts who have the incredible critical ability to think and can tackle complex computational issues by fundamentally examining the issues. The educational plan gives a decent blend of essential science, innovation, etymology, and business-related regions to create graduates equipped for standing firm on leadership footholds both in research and non-scholastic areas. Subsequent to finishing the program an understudy:

  • Will have a wide comprehension of the latest hypothetical and reasonable parts of the subject.
  • Will have the option to apply their insight to give answers to viable issues.
  • Will have proper relational abilities to play a lead job in their reasonable profession.
  • Will have involved insight into the latest advances and innovations.

Despite being such a professionally pivoted degree, that seems to have a promising career for people who hold it, is BSCS really having a good scope in Pakistan, and what is the average pay scale of a Computer Sciences Engineer in Pakistan?

BSCS Scope in Pakistan

The scope of BSCS in Pakistan is on a boom and it seems ever-increasing with the world investing unimaginable amounts in the IT and Computer sector. The world is entering into an era of futuristic innovations in technology and Pakistan as a country is playing a crucial role in this metamorphosis of the world like never before. Pakistan holds an astounding share of USD 2.8 Million in the Global IT sector and with every passing day more and more Computer Science resources are required to uplift this share to even a greater level. Computer Sciences has added to the quick headway of innovation through the BSCS degree program. BSCS graduates can transform the existence of millions of individuals around the globe as trend-setting innovation is being used for state-of-the-art research.

The extent of Computer Sciences is very encouraging as different worldwide organizations wish to contribute and set out employments for the high level IT projects sent off by skilled and brilliant Pakistani people engaged with the Computer Sciences field. Additionally, there are tons of job titles for BSCS students to grab on and come out as experts, some major ones are:

  • Software Developer
  • Networks Engineer
  • Database Administrator
  • Quality Assurance Tester
  • Process Engineer
  • Web Designer and Engineer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Computer Lab Engineer
  • Computer Analyst
  • Lecturer of Computer Sciences

BSCS Jobs in Pakistan

Nevertheless, the scope of a field is always assessed by the number of jobs that particular field is generating within a country. Talking about the BSCS Jobs in Pakistan there are hundreds and thousands of software houses in Pakistan that are waiting with open arms for fresh brilliant BSCS graduates. This means a well amount of career opportunities in both the private and public sectors. In fact, Computer Sciences is one of the few fields in which securing a job in a well-reputed company is fairly easy as the recruiters always have a soft spot for Computer Sciences resources. On the other hand, Computer Sciences doesn’t only rely on fieldwork, rather the scope of working as a freelancer or starting your own IT company after BSCS is far greater than working as a traditional 9 to 5 employee, all you need is a laptop, an internet connection, and a rock-solid spirit of ever-growing no matter what.

BSCS Salaries in Pakistan

All this flexibility and opportunities, yet it doesn’t mean that Computer Sciences offers an average pay scale, as matter of fact Computer Sciences is one of the most paying careers in Pakistan. On average BSCS student is offered PKR 30k to 50k when hired on a job and it goes up to a whopping amount of 150k to 250k for experts in Computer Sciences.

To summarize, BSCS is truly one of the finest degrees to earn in Pakistan that will not only help you to boost your career but also offers a high pay rate and flexibility. By the time you’ll become an expert, this field opens the doors to initiating your own business and building an empire.

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