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Have you heard the saying ‘time is money, and money is time? So far, 2022 looks like the year of luxury watches investment. But the pattern is readily changing. Men so far ran the watch industry.

So, the biggest change seen recently is the involvement of women. There’s a common saying that women should buy a watch because they love it. However, choosing a watch that can increase in value doesn’t hurt. We agree that the investment potential of women’s watches isn’t the same as for men. But, thankfully some brands have stood apart for their value, elegance, and other superior technicalities.

Before getting into the drill of which watch is the best, let’s understand why women must consider watches as an investment.

4 Reasons Why Women Must Invest In Luxury Watches

Enhanced Appearance

Wearing a watch holds more than one meaning. It shows that you value time and gives a professional enhancement to your look. Whether it is a sport or a nice dress watch, it adds to your first impression.


Good luxury watches last forever, and you can even pass them down from one generation to another. Apart from the monetary value, you can cherish the luxury watches as you flaunt them.

Social Status

A luxury watch from a prestigious watch brand marks your social status and instantly grabs your attention. Nothing says ‘I’m a successful women’ louder than a luxury timepiece that displays it proudly.


Luxury watches are a worthy investment. Perhaps you can go a little beyond that little black dress or the luxury bag on your wish list the next time. If you want to choose them, that’s fine too! But if you’re interested in taking another way, luxury watches like Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Cartier are great investment options.

The watches not just yield a high return value but are a pawnbroker’s favourite. For instance, if you ever need to arrange some quick cash, the pawnshops in London will readily offer a good price for the luxury watches.

There are standout luxury watch brands designing watches with female wearers in mind. Here’s the list:


The number one brand to top this list is Cartier. Even if you’re a complete outsider, you must have heard of the Cartier Tank in 1917. The watch has an iconic status in the industry and enjoys a huge reputation for gracing the hands of Princess Diana, Duke Ellington, and others. Cartier is famously known as the jewellers of watches and creates some of the best watch designs in the industry.

The Tank is available in various iterations and has a small, slender, and attractive size that looks smart on the wrists. The rectangular case, square bezel, white dial, Roman numeral hour markers, and blued steel hands give a fine appeal.


Audemars Piguet is another powerhouse of watchmaking and a mass favourite for multiple reasons. The family-owned brand’s most iconic design, ‘Royal Oak,’ was done by Gerald Genta and came out in the 1970s. The ladies’ version of the same came into existence in 1976 and became an instant hit. The 50th anniversary Royal Oak with a 37mm case, diamond-set bezel, and a Blue Grande Tapisserie dial makes for a lucrative option.

The Royal Oak is a collector’s delight and exposes the brand’s creative side to challenge traditional expectations. If you’re looking for a funky watch design with diamonds, this is it!


No list, absolutely no list is complete without naming the best, ‘Rolex’. It is a brand that needs no introduction and has recently become an investor’s favourite. Thanks to the watchmaker’s high prestige and popularity, the watches offer great financial benefits apart from a great appeal. Pawnshops in London will readily offer a lucrative loan amount for the popular models. However, let’s not get carried away with that. The Rolex Lady Datejust is a classic, clean, top-selling model, and one can wear it with almost everything. It’s a perfect timepiece!

Rolex’s classic feminine timepiece is the Datejust with a slim 28mm Oyster case, diamond-set bezel, and white Mother of Pearl diamond-set dial. It is a synonym for style and precise timekeeping.


You must have heard much about Patek Philippe in recent years or months. It is one of the oldest watch manufacturers boasting a legacy of innovation and tradition. Throughout its long existence, the brand has catered to and satisfied the taste of numerous female clients with its impressive watch catalogue. Sounds impressive, isn’t it?

The Patek Philippe watch’s understated elegance makes it stand out. For instance, the Twenty~4 4910 watch is a classic everyday wear timepiece. It has a blue sunburst dial, stainless steel case, and a diamond-set bezel immediately catching the attention.


The endurance and commitment that the artisans put into making each luxury timepiece make them so special. Many consider watches a fancy accessory, while others believe them to be a nice way to test the triumphs in life. We suggest investing in a watch that looks good and holds value while respecting both choices.

Our handpicked list ensures that you get the best of both worlds. Whether it is a Rolex, Cartier, AP or Patek Philippe, remember that all the four watch brands have a huge market demand and reputation. They are built with premium materials and ensure longevity. Not to forget how London’s pre-owned watch buyers or London pawnshops adore these luxury women’s watch brands!

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