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Build in the winter, swim in the summer

In practice, we see that many people choose to build a swimming pool when the weather conditions change. The days are getting longer, the temperature is rising and the number of hours of sunshine is increasing. Swimming pool builders are very busy, especially in the spring. In winter, many people think about other things. If you choose to have your pool constructed in the winter, you will be ahead of the crowds. In addition, we regularly see that early spring already has very nice days. Wouldn’t it be nice if your pool is already completely ready? However, there are many more advantages of installing a swimming pool in the winter months.

Building a swimming pool in winter – the advantages of a swimming pool

Starline produces swimming pools. A swimming pool is delivered as a whole and completely custom-made in the production hall. By the time your pool is ready, all our dealers need to do is install it. This is a process that can be done quickly and accurately, regardless of weather conditions.

If you choose to have a swimming pool constructed in the winter, you will not have the disadvantages that you would experience with an architectural swimming pool.

Building a swimming pool in winter – a prospect

In winter, if you do spend a lot of time indoors, have your pool built like fiberglass pools. You have coordinated your wishes with your dealer. Your swimming pool is built entirely according to your specifications in our factory. By the time your pool is ready, our dealers will excavate the ground and install your pool.

When winter turns into spring, arrange the area around your pool according to your wishes. Sun chairs, a well-maintained lawn, and perhaps a nicely furnished lounge area or cozy outdoor kitchen. When the weather changes and everyone is looking for a busy terrace or goes en masse to the North Sea coast, you can take a refreshing dip in your own swimming pool. By choosing to have your swimming pool constructed in winter, you will benefit from your personal swimming paradise sooner and for longer.

The advantages of a swimming pool with a pump

Swimming in still water is not good for your health. Standing water is a perfect medium for bacteria and other microorganisms. They can proliferate because polluting components remain in the water and are not discharged. This pollution serves as a breeding ground. When your bathing water is polluted and micro-organisms are rampant, swimming can turn from healthy activity to a risky one. A swimming pool with a pump significantly reduces these risks. In fact, a Starline swimming pool without a pump is unimaginable.

What do you need to keep your swimming pool with the pump in top condition?

The growth of micro-organisms in your swimming water can be prevented by proper water treatment. Insects, autumn leaves, dead skin cells, hair, and other sources of contamination enter your pool almost continuously. A luxury swimming pool such as Starline offers cannot function without a filter system. A good pool pump ensures that the water in your pool continues to circulate. Insects and larger contaminants collect in your skimmers. Small components and micro-organisms end up in your pool filter. The water that comes out of your filter is basically purified and returns to your pool through your pump.

A swimming pool with a pump – the capacity of my pump system

The capacity of a pump system for a swimming pool with a pump depends on the volume of your pool. You can use the following rule of thumb: a pool pump with a capacity of 10 m3 per hour is sufficient for a pool with a volume of 40 m3. Do you prefer to calculate in liters? A swimming pool with a capacity of 40,000 liters needs a pump that can change 10,000 liters per hour.

A swimming pool with a pump

If you are planning to build a swimming pool with a pump, it is wise to be well informed about filter systems and swimming pool pumps. Together they form a unit and if they both function well, you will enjoy your own pool much more. Starline has both filters and pumps of the highest quality. You can have your swimming pool with pump work fully automatically by using our Starline Poolcontrol system. This system automatically monitors the water quality, the rate of filtration and circulation and intervenes where necessary. Once in a while your filter also needs to be cleaned. You can also automatically adjust the Starline Poolcontrol system to this. Your nearest dealer will be happy to inform you about the possibilities.

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