An employee spends more than 8 hours in the office, Workplace is considered the second home of employees.
What if, employees are not happy with their job and working environment?

One way is to try to resolve issues by talking to senior management or HR. If not able to find any solution, its time to Hire Employment Lawyers Perth WA

In such cases, employee’s performance will affect and companies will have to bear the loss. Sometimes employees get into depression or even commit suicide by being fed up with the working culture. The employer should take preventive measures to avoid a toxic work environment.

Workplace investigation will help you in detecting the toxic work environment. Here we are sharing the factors and reasons for a toxic work environment:-

Lack of communication

Miscommunication between employees and managers becomes the reason for conflicts. It leads to poor working by employees like working on non-priority projects, unplanned working, not being clear about day-to-day tasks to perform, wasting time in correcting mistakes, and confusion about what to do and what not to do. These problems create conflicts at the time of reporting. Sometimes miscommunication becomes the reason for blaming each other.


Gossips in the workplace create an environment of mistrust amongst employees. Instead of focusing on productive working employees waste most of their time Gossiping and finding a way to blame others for working.

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Inefficient HR Department

HR department work doesn’t end with the recruitment of employees. HR department work is to handle all the workplace issues. Their work is to listen to the problems of employees and pass the same to the senior management for a solution. If there is no HR department in the organization or the existing HR department is not efficient enough to take care of the employee’s queries makes the workplace a toxic place to work. This leads to a decrease in employee performance.

Sexual Harassment:- 

Sexual Harassment in the workplace is a serious crime. The organization should take necessary actions to ensure the security of women. If employees use indecent language with colleagues creates a toxic environment in the organization.

High Resignations in the Organization:-

If there is a high rate of resignations in the organization. If employees are leaving the organization within a year of joining, then employers should investigate properly if high resignations are due to the toxic work environment in the organization. High resignation puts a bad impression on other employees in the organization and fills the work environment with full of negativity. With this employees feel low and demotivated while working and it affects their performance.

Inter Politics

Politics in organizations are most common these days. Inter politics pollute the work environment. Employees feel insecure about their job and appraisal. Colleagues take the support of politics to strengthen their image in front of senior management. Let’s understand this inter politics term with the help of an example – Giving wrong or bad feedback of an employee to the senior management, putting excess pressure on junior, giving unproductive work to the employee, Highlight petty mistakes, using harsh language for the mistakes and do not provide the solution to the mistake.


Discrimination in the workplace is a common issue these days like age, gender, caste, etc. Discrimination in the workplace pollutes the environment and makes the work environment toxic. Such malpractices should be restricted in organizations to maintain a healthy work environment. If such practices are kept on continuing in the organization not only builds a negative impression on the organization but puts a negative impact on the organization’s market goodwill. With this skilled employees avoid working in such places leads to poor working in the organization and unsatisfied clients.

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