HP Printer Offline Error

Tired of dealing with an endless HP Printer Outline error problem? Are you having trouble getting your printer online? Despite numerous attempts, your printer still says offline while you print. This is understandable. You will be happy to know that there are productive solutions at your disposal. You can return your printer online in just a few seconds or a minute and resume printing. You just need to read the blog post and follow the instructions. Let’s get started reading and learning now! You can also contact printer repair expert dubai.

Ways 1: Check your Connection

You need to verify that your printer is properly connected to your computer. Make sure that the USB cord connecting your printer to your computer system isn’t damaged. Make sure the cable is properly and securely inserted in the appropriate place. Check all the essential equipment and make sure your HP Printer is turned off.

Follow the steps below if you are using a wireless network to make a connection between devices.

  • First, turn off your HP Printer, wait for 10 seconds, then disconnect the power cord.
  • Next, turn off the computer.
  • Connect the power cord to your printer and turn it ON.
  • After that, you can disconnect the power cable from your wireless router.
  • Before trying to reconnect it, wait at least 5-10 second.
  • Within a matter of minutes, your internet will be back in active mode.
  • Turn on your computer only if the internet is stable and easily accessible.
  • Use the HP Smart software or the HP wireless setup wizard to connect your printer with your Wi-Fi network.
  • To find out if there are any connectivity problems, print a wireless report
  • This report can be found in the Network settings or Wireless menu of your HP printer.
  • For any problems, contact your router manufacturer to resolve the issue. If your printer is still offline, you can contact a tech specialist.

Method 2: Make the default printer your choice

It is essential that you manually select your preferred printer. These steps will allow you to make your HP Printer the default printer for your Windows PC. Before you start, ensure that you have installed all the updates available for Windows System. Now, start:

  • Open “Devices”, from the Windows Search.
  • Choose the option “Printers and scanners”.
  • Check that the box next to “Let Windows Manage My default Printer” isn’t clicked or selected. If necessary, click the box to uncheck the tick-mark.
  • Select your HP printer now from the list displayed on the screen.
  • If you see your printer listed multiple times, choose the one that is in an idle or online state.
  • After that, click on “Manage” to save your changes.
  • Click “Set as default printer” at the end.
  • Try printing your document again. Continue to the next step if the HP printer Offline Error message persists.

Method 3: Deactivate the ‘Use Printer Offline’ Mode

If the option ‘Use Printer offline’ is selected, HP Printer will go offline when you print urgent documents. It is vital to make sure that this option isn’t selected. This is how you can check and change this setting.

  • Click on the Windows Start menu.
  • Choose the “Settings” option
  • Click on the tab “Devices”.
  • Choose “Printer and scanners”.
  • Select the HP Printer icon from the list and click on it.
  • Then, select the “Use Printer Offline” option from the menu.
  • Your HP printer will now be in online mode, and you can start printing.

Don’t be discouraged if the previously mentioned solutions don’t work. We are available to help you. You only need to make one call at the number provided and remain connected with our techies. It’s guaranteed! It’s guaranteed! Your HP Printer will soon be back online after being in offline mode.

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