After analysing the fashion industry trend for a few years now, we understand that it has secured a stable place in the eCommerce marketplace. Furthermore, the industry will evolve more in the coming years, and there is no going back. Did you know? Anyone can conveniently start a t-shirt store online and cash in.

Having said that, there are no hard and fast requirements to do so, and you don’t need the knowledge of modern technicalities or products. All you need is a set of the right tools to get started and do wonders. For instance, a t-shirt design tool is what you will need to start printing t-shirts, to start a t-shirt business.

The idea of starting a t-shirt business is super exciting. Though, before you see some sales getting in, for your business, you will have to work for your venture to make an impact in the market.

Find Your Niche and Target Audience

The competition in the eCommerce space is tough since there are numerous merchants out there in the same space. Having said that, before you set up an online store for yourself answer a few questions, who will buy your t-shirts? When setting up your online store, defining your target audience will be of great help.

Furthermore, know the pain points of your audience and try to incorporate features that will be advantageous to them. You must have heard a famous proverb, “every product that gets launched in the market should solve a problem, no matter how big or small it is”.

When it comes to designing a t-shirt or starting an online store you need to think beyond what others are thinking. Think more than fast shipping and beautiful t-shirt designs. Find out the best product design tool to offer the best to your consumers.

Get An Online Store Developed

After discovering the market for your t-shirt business, and defining your target audience, you should set up the your store. One of the very famous eCommerce platforms available these days is Bigcommerce. This platform enables a user to start an online store in just a few minutes.

There are several other platforms available in the market that allow entrepreneurs to easily set up their stores. These platforms offer several features to help create a full-fledged online store that includes payments, taxes, shipping, accounting, etc.

Fail, Try Again and Keep Trying

Let’s face it! You cannot expect to get thousands of orders coming on your website during the initial months of starting your business. Though, you shouldn’t lose hope and take a back seat. When you own an online store, you will require resilience and creative thinking to be able to solve numerous challenges that come your way.

Having said that, if your research suggests that a particular design can bring sales for you, the prediction may not match the actual needs of your consumers. Hence, you should listen to the voice of your customers. If you notice that a specific design is not working, try something different entirely.

Furthermore, if consumers are not reacting to the new design as well, think and create another one. Listen to their views, and their feedback and work accordingly. You will certainly get there.

Find Design Ideas

You should start by drafting a plan to get started with designing the t-shirts. Jot down the ideas, key themes and designs that you want your brand to be known for. Spend some time polishing the design ideas that keep coming to your mind. This will eventually lead to the creation of more concrete designs. Keep exploring different design elements so that your product can have different forms and shapes.

If you think that leveraging only one type of element is becoming restricted, try mixing and matching different elements. This will help you create one of a kind t-shirts for your consumers.  A powerful t-shirt design tool will help you create one of the most creative and unique designs.

Third-Party Fulfillment Partners Are Beneficial

A great option to make your online store successful is to partner with print-on-demand dropshippers. They are helping several entrepreneurs become successful in the eCommerce space. These third-party service providers print and ship your products in your stead. You can think of several ways to make your products stand out in the market. You can either add a few new variants to the same t-shirt collection or can also think of introducing some new designs.

The fulfilment partner leverages a product design tool to come up with some unique product options. They will charge the cost of print and product. Furthermore, they will also control the shipping and production process for their clients.

The Bottom Line

The eCommerce industry today is stronger than ever, and it means that the competition has outgrown and is stiffer than ever. When steeping as a new venture in the market you will have to seek authenticity in your products to stand out among your counterparts. The best way of doing so is to create designs that speak the truth and ones that resonate with other people as well.

Always bear in mind to be resilient. If something is not working and you are required to try for the thirteenth time, do that. Try and try until you are closer to your dreams.


How can I sell t-shirts online?

There are numerous ways in which you can sell your t-shirts online and achieve success. However, you will have to try and test different methods to see what is working for you. For instance, you can create your online store, can try dropshipping, leverage print on demand websites, etc.

What profit margin can I expect to keep from an online store?

The profit depends on how well your brand is performing in the marketplace, and how it is being perceived. Most of the creators aim to earn a profit of 20% whereas the retailers sometimes go for 50%. Check for the average t-shirt prices in your industry, and then decide.

Is t-shirt selling a profitable business?

T-shirt is an apparel that has been into existence for several years now. Having said that, they will ever go out of fashion and will always be in demand. Though, to make your venture successful, you need to come up with the right marketing strategies and run consistent campaigns to reach your target audience and keep them attracted towards yourself.

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