things to keep in mind while exercise

Why does the mind get nervous after exercise?

while exercising But according to the structure of the body, the rules and methods of exercise are different for everyone.

Most people experience fatigue after exercise. Although this is a common thing, some people also start having problems with vomiting and cramps or cramps in the stomach. Usually this problem lasts for a while but sometimes it takes serious form. We ourselves are to some extent responsible for this situation. Many times we exercise more than our physical capacity, expecting to get immediate results. 

Actually, the rules and methods of exercise are also different for everyone according to the structure of the body. We should exercise according to that perfection but most people think that the longer and harder the exercise, the sooner the result will be available, this is a misconception in their mind.

things to keep in mind after exercise

Activity in the body during exercise:

When we exercise, along with the muscles, the brain, lungs and heart need more blood. It is controlled by the autonomic nervous system of the body. This system monitors activities such as heart rate, blood pressure and digestion. When it is activated, the blood vessels carrying blood to the muscles and tissues dilate.

But at the same time, the natural system of demand supply in the body also gets activated and it happens that the blood vessels leading to the page shrink by more than 80 percent, so that the muscles of other parts of the body need more oxygen and flowers. It is possible that the supply should be done smoothly. Due to tug of war, we experience fatigue through exercise and nausea starts. Do you know about the best gym hashtags.

 What should be taken care of before and after exercise:

Do not exercise immediately after eating. Due to which you may have to face many problems. Therefore, it is advisable to eat something at least 2 hours before gym. In between, you can take things like jutiya water, but paisa juices which have high sugar content or high amounts of preservatives during the day can further increase your fatigue and weakness.

The reason for this is overtraining, stress or lack of nutrients like vitamins, proteins and iron in the body. In such a situation, only after a little hard work, the body starts covering.

What foods should be consumed in food:

For those who exercise, first of all it is important that they keep the food according to their trainer. To avoid fatigue and nutritional deficiencies, and to give strength to the muscles, you can consume good foods, including bread, cereals, pasta, rice and fruits in sufficient quantity.

Those who exercise for a long time, if they do not give time to their muscles for recovery, then instead of benefit, there will be loss instead of 4 grams. If the problem is frequent, then contact the doctor, you may be a victim of chronic bursting syndrome.

 Why protein and water are important:

People who sweat in the gym or do heavy exercise for a long time, need more protein. In this case, protein supplements can be used. Dehydration can also be a major cause of post-workout fatigue or nausea. About two-thirds of the human body is made up of water alone. That’s why it’s important to stay hydrated before and during workouts.

Drink about half a glass of water every 15 minutes during the workout. If you drink a lot of water then it can also prove to be harmful.

 Pro Tips:

Exercise clears the throat:

Yoga can be used to relieve the heaviness of the voice and purify the throat. First of all, while keeping your spine and head straight, look in the front, breathe fast and exhale, this action will make your voice melodious and there will be less problems related to voice. For best benefits, practice a kriya only under the guidance of skilled yoga training.

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