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Nowadays there are many different water bouncy castles on the market. Interested parties are therefore spoilt for choice, so to speak.

We have therefore dealt intensively with the topic. In our water bouncy castle test, you will surely find the right product. Diy pond pump can also be a good choice.

More information about the most important selection criteria can be found in the guide below the table.

  • Bouncy castles are fine in themselves, but water bouncy castles trump the fun again by a whole sentence. Especially in summer, children can play whole afternoons on a water bouncy castle.
  • If you have energetic children who are constantly screaming and cannot sit still, you should try water bouncy castles in summer. The child works out on the water bouncy castle and is then much calmer and more exuberant than if he is just hanging on the computer.
  • Water bouncy castles do very well, especially on holidays, when all parents gather in the house and the little rascals cavort on the water bouncy castle for as long as possible. Of course, you can also just buy a water bouncy castle.

The best water bouncy castles

Water bouncy castle guide: What do you have to consider when buying?

  • Age: Some models could even provide laughter at an adult party as a fun center in the middle of the pool. Water bouncy castles, for example, are no longer children’s toys strung together, but can also adorn a pool and serve as a workout station for adults, e.B. If you have very small rascals, you should look for a correspondingly smaller water bouncy castle. Depending on how old the user of this water bouncy castle is, the more complex it should be.
  • Price: Some models are very large, so that the price adjusts a little here. All in all, you also have to have the space available if you opt for a particularly large water bouncy castle.
  • Functions: Water bouncy castles are usually equipped with a hose, which is connected to a pump. After the garden hose has been connected, a water cycle opens up, which keeps the water moving. This is the only reason why you can, for example, slide on a water bouncy castle at all or do anything else. DIY pond filter with backwash also has these functions.
  • Processing: Water bouncy castles should be as robust as possible because a poorly processed product could even be dangerous. For this reason, as an adult, you must always be close by when the water bouncy castle is used. This is the only way to ensure that you can intervene in the event of a case. Water bouncy castles with bad reviews should be avoided, as they may lose air quickly and then tear everything into the depths.

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