Web Content Writing

It is crucial to write content for the website as most readers only spend a few minutes on the web and leave it immediately if they do not find enticing content on the website. To make the reader stay longer on the web it is important to add engaging content and do something creative that let the visitor stay longer than usual on your website. There are 8 golden rules for web content writing that must be kept in view while writing the web content.

1.      Identify your audience

Prior to starting to write content, it is necessary to analyze who will be the readers of your content. Precisely, it is important to identify your target audience. For instance, if you are creating content for your eCommerce website then your target audience will be wholesalers, retailers and buyers. So, you will create such type of content that must match the mindset of your target audience.     

2.      Keep your sentences short

An ideal sentence is one that lets you understand the essence of the sentence with very less words. As you know the web content is for a large audience so it is vital to keep your sentences simple and short. An average reader likes to read a sentence of just 35 words or even less than it. If you add a long and complex sentence to your content then it will affect your readability. Furthermore, do not use heavy vocabulary to impress your readers. They might get depressed if they find difficulty in reading instead of getting impressed.

3.      Focus on active voice

It is vital to make the subject prominent. For this purpose, you are required to use an active voice in your content. If you use passive voice then the reader will focus on the object. The active voice seems to be more reader-friendly as compared to the passive voice. Also, you can captivate the audience’s attention by actively addressing them.

4.      Don’t generalize your content

You need to generate such a kind of content that does not sound general. Instead, it must show or indicate your business. Your content must provide a specific sense to your readers so that they will have a clearer understanding of your business. In case you add general content then it will be difficult for the user to understand what your business is all about.

5.      Eliminate Jargons

Remember, that the content you add on the website is read by many and is not for technical professionals. It is suggested to avoid jargon and technical language related to your business. Because it will become specific and understandable for the specific audience and the general audience will not be aware of technical language and jargon.

6.      Organize your paragraphs

In order to increase readability, you are required to organize paragraphs carefully. Organize them on a priority basis. Place first and important information on the first para and respectively. It is important that a single paragraph only has a single concept and must not provide any other idea. Stick to the subject matter, no need of providing needless information.

7.      Text must be scannable

Make the content easy to scan. Your reader might be in a hurry and might look for the required information without wasting his time. So, in order to facilitate such readers, you need to make the text easy to scan. For this purpose, you are required to add H1, H2, and H3 and other subheadings, if necessary, add bullet points, and numbers, and make the content scannable and readable.

8.      Integrate graphics

It is important to add multimedia or graphics to your content. These things make the content visually attractive and motivate the readers to read. Pictures and graphics also maintain the readability of the page by breaking the content. As per research, the human brain observes and comprehends images faster than text. If you use infographics that will be good too.

In a Nutshell

While creating a website, you must remember the above-mentioned 8 golden rules and practice them in your work. There are a few Wikipedia page creators agency that also follow these rules while creating Wikipedia page content. As you know Wikipedia entails good content so by following the above rules one can also create a piece of content for Wikipedia too.

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