A good dry suit is a blessing. Whether it was a successful day on the Stand-Up Paddle, in a kayak, or while kiting – the whole pleasure would only be half as nice if the nylon or PVC cover would not keep the body warm and protect it from the cold water. Especially during the cold seasons, the effective dry suit is therefore so important.

But despite all the advantages, complaints can be heard again and again, which revolve around the right dry suit drying and washing. But the whole thing is not as difficult and complicated as it seems – we will show you the easiest and most effective ways to get your dry suit dry again after use.

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Wash the dry suit properly

The first problem often arises for most people after the first use. The suit is completely soaked with water from the river or lake or even with salt water. Now the question arises before drying the dry suit: How do I wash my dry suit correctly? This procedure is not complex at all.

Above all, it is important that the suit is washed out with fresh water after each use and then lubricated or sprayed with special cuff care.

Special care should be taken not to wash the suit necessarily in the washing machine. Bleach, detergent, or fabric softener should also be avoided at best. This lowers the service life of the dry suit.

Dry the dry suit

Even after washing, many people stand there with questioning faces. Because now you have to dry the dry suit. But how does it work best? Does the suit dry the fastest inside or outside, in which direction do you hang it most effectively, and how long does drying the dry suit actually take?

All these questions may sound a bit overwhelming at first, but in reality, they are quite easy to solve. We introduce you to four ways in which you are guaranteed to dry your dry suit after refreshing use.

Option 1: Dry the dry suit with the dip bar

The first solution for drying a dry suit is with the help of so-called immersion hangers. These dive hangers look like ordinary hangers. The difference is usually in the material used.

In contrast to the clothes hangers made of plastic, immersion hangers are made of more stable materials, such as ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymers). These can easily wear heavy dry suits. The large shoulder width of the temples prevents crumpling or the formation of wrinkles during drying.

Option 2: Dry the dry suit with the immersion bar with an integrated fan

The second way to dry the dry suit is a so-called bracket with an integrated fan. Basically, the process of drying works exactly like an ordinary dip bar. However, the built-in fan reduces the drying time of the suit enormously. Instead of waiting several days for a dry suit, the integrated fan makes it work in just a few hours.

Due to the high time saving, the formation of unpleasant odors is also prevented. These temples also offer a particularly large shoulder rest, so that crumpling or the formation of wrinkles during drying are prevented.

Option 3: Dry the dry suit on the heater

Often it can also be read in various forums and reports that dry suits can also be dried well on the heater. This is possible, but not recommended compared to the other possible solutions. There are several reasons for this.

Especially in summer, the heating is usually not turned on in any household, as it is already very warm outside. In addition, not all people have the opportunity to hang their suits over a radiator, as they use underfloor heating, for example. In addition to these two points, of course, there are the additional heating costs, which are added by the necessary switching on of the heating in summer.

By the way, a dry suit should not necessarily be dried outdoors under the bright sun. The reason for this is the strong UV rays, which can clog the material of the suit.

Option 4: Dry the dry suit with the dry cushion

The fourth possible solution is to use dry pads to dry the dry suit. These dry pads are usually used in the automotive sector. Again, they are used for moisture removal inside a car. However, the whole thing works not only for cars but also for wet dry suits.

The pillows usually weigh about a kilo and can absorb up to 600 milliliters of moisture. After the pillows have soaked up, they can easily be placed on the heater or in the oven. As a result, the moisture is removed again, which means that the cushions are reusable.


Here you now have four options with which to get your wet dry suit dry again easily and effectively. Now the question arises which of these options is the best and which ones you should use. The question cannot be answered in a general way and depends above all on your priorities and your budget, because this is where the biggest differences between the four variants lie.

In the end, everyone has to decide for themselves which solution is the most important for them. For each priority, there is a different way to dry the dry suit, so no one has to be dissatisfied. Whether low or large budget, little or a lot of space, and the preference for a fast or relaxed drying time – there is something for everyone with our drysuit drying options!

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