This article will show you how to increase your blog’s traffic by improving the SEO of your posts.

You are done with creating content randomly so it doesn’t have any impact on benefits later, and you are here. These 9 tips can be used in new articles as well as to improve your SEO. Also, contact a Digital Specialist for a more personalized SEO plan.

How can you improve SEO and increase traffic to your articles?

There are many ways to increase traffic to your website, including SEO, CPC, social media, email marketing, and email marketing. We are most concerned about the latter, which, if achieved, will be a huge benefit. We won’t waste time, so let’s get to work on solving your invisibility issues with Google.

1) Conduct a keyword search

Vital to improving the SEO of your page and your post. It would be a good idea to research the trends in search terms and their competition before you start writing content. This will help you find profitable niches that can bring qualified traffic to the site.

You have heard us speak on many occasions about the advantages of using the Long Tail to choose keywords. We can get more results by choosing more specific keywords (with fewer searches and more competition).

2) Text volume

It is hard to improve the SEO of your posts or increase traffic to your blog with text less than 400 words. This could be the issue that prevents you from getting the visibility and traffic you desire.

Position your articles by writing articles that are at least 700 words. Google can also be notified by updating and adding new content to your article.

3) Be aware of comments

Google also values comments as a way to determine if a text is a quality. We recommend that you approve any comments and respond positively to them. SEO Positioning is greatly improved when you have a blog where you interact.

4) Add multimedia information

You may be wondering if audiovisual content can improve your SEO and increase traffic to your blog. Your articles will be more appealing to the reader if they are visually rich. This will increase traffic to your site and reduce bounce rates.

Images, infographics, and videos are all acceptable. These elements will be of great help to you. Keep in mind that content ranks. Images can contain keywords just as videos, infographics, and audio. The more content you have, and the more diverse it is, the greater the benefits.

5) Internal Linkbuilding

This is a crucial step in improving the SEO of your articles. Google considers links that point to a page as a vote for confidence, as we’ve mentioned before.

If we do create a link, it should be between pages that have a similar topic. We can add the link to several satellite articles in a blog.

Yoast may flag an SEO plugin as an error if it is installed. However, this means that your page is transmitting your page’s strength to another keyword, which may result in a higher ranking. Be aware that the link count and footer are not the same as the text body.

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6) Social media

Your great allies for virtualizing your content. Google will reward you for your success by increasing your visits. Encourage your followers to share your posts on social media and encourage them to interact with your content.

You will gain a lot more visibility and links to your site if other bloggers link to you.

Paid advertising on social media networks can be used to reach larger audiences. You can get hundreds of visitors by promoting your article.

7) Category

Another way to increase your site’s SEO is to organize your articles by category.

Users who are interested in a particular subject will be able, with one click, to view all articles related to it.

Similar to the above, when the Google robot enters to review your site, it will be much easier to track all URLs. This will positively impact your SEO Positioning.

8) Synonyms are essential

We should avoid keyword stuffing and will strengthen the context to help Google identify the content we are referring to.

9) Calls for action

Include a pop-up in each article to encourage users to subscribe. You can then send them the articles you are interested in via email marketing, and increase your site visits.

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