Gain Lavish Culinary Experience In Doha Restaurants

Vacations are gatherings, meetups with strangers, making new friends and living in a beautiful place. Vacations are another name for trying and tasting new cuisine and experiencing the new flavor and traditions of that area. Qatar is among the Islamic historical place with rich traditional food and spices. With their best culinary artist and chefs, you can enjoy the majestical taste of Qatar’s restaurants.

List Of Delicious Cuisine Restaurants In Doha, Qatar

While visiting deserts, adventure lands and other entertaining places in Qatar, you would need to have 3 meals a day. Here is the list of restaurants you would love to visit while roaming around the city. First, however, you would need to have Qatar rent a car. So that you can move around freely.

  1. Iksha 360
  2. Spice Market
  3. L’Wzaar Seafood Market
  4. La Spiga By Paper Moon
  5. IDAM By Alain Ducasse
  6. Teatro

1.    Iksha 360

Iksha360, located inside the Pearl Tower, offers exceptional fine dining on the building’s 40th-floor rooftop, a trendy nighttime diner on the 41st level, and a sophisticated casual eating room on the 42nd floor. In addition, it is known for delivering hybrid Asian cuisines that are an exquisite treat to the sense of taste and authentic Indian meals.

2.    Spice Market

It is one of the finest diners in Qatar. Like its name, it offers authentic flavors, as the name suggests. With Thai noodles and Japanese sushi, you can taste the exotic and delicious flavors of the cuisine. It serves to distinguish flavors from Arabic cuisine to Mediterranean and South-Asian. With complete unique spices, it also provides comfortable facilities to the guests, like classic and romantic seating arrangements on request. Valet parking, soulful music, and so much more. It is a place where you can enjoy quality family time while trying delicious food and enjoying the ambience.

3.    L’Wzaar Seafood Market

Do you love seafood? Would you like to taste the exotic seafood flavors in the Middle East Cuisine? Well, you must visit the L’Wzaar Seafood Market. It is among the best restaurants in Qatar for serving delicious seafood cuisine. It has a range of techniques from Japanese to Arabica and Far East traditions. Moreover, it is a place with cushioned flooring and comfortable seating arrangements to enhance the ambience. Diners may choose how their cuisine is prepared, and the unique open kitchen scenario keeps the cooking excitement high.

4.    La Spiga By Paper Moon

Do you think you can find an Italian restaurant in Qatar? Well, you found one here, La Spiga By Paper Moon. It has the perfect cuisine for you, whether you like Italian or Arabic. This place serves you mouth-watering vegetarian and non-veg food with delicious species. It is located near Doha Corniche. With its calm and beautiful seating arrangement, this place offers you more than a food experience. It offers you quality time to spend with your friends and families after a tiring day.

5.    IDAM By Alain Ducasse

IDAM is a French restaurant by Alain Ducasse in Qatar serving French species. When you are in Qatar, you must try this French cuisine. It also serves European delights and Arabic tastes with delicious Mediterranean cultural food. It is popular for its classical seating, decoration, and delicious food offerings. It is located on the 5th floor of the Iconic Museum of Islamic Art. It also serves vegetarian food on the menu and gluten-free diet desserts to the guest.

6.    Teatro

It is an award-winning place for its cooking skills and destination for international food lineage. It combines western and eastern cuisine and techniques of cooking to gain a unique taste of food. In addition, it assists you in organizing special business dinners, weekday events, and several dinners to attract quality customers and provide them with the best food. This place has a wide array of wines for customers worldwide with delicious food.  


Dine out with your family or loved ones and enjoy the serene desert in Qatar. It allows you to experience a different taste of the worldwide species.