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Thousands of graduate schools worldwide accept the GRE as the only general admissions examination. Usually, students who have graduated or are in college and aim to study abroad for their master’s take the GRE. If you plan to study abroad, the GRE is one test that would be useful to have on your record. This is especially true if your chosen graduate programs have strict GRE score requirements or consider it crucial to your overall application. A good GRE score will not just open multiple opportunities for admission into the top graduate programs but could also pave the way for getting scholarships. Sometimes, a high GRE score can even make up for a low GPA.

If you intend to apply for MS programs in the USA, you will do well to start your GRE prep early on. You should avoid leaving it all until the last moment and cramming for the GRE because scoring impressively in this exam is difficult unless you have prepared for it well. So, if you thought it would be enough to study the weekend and appear for the test, don’t risk it. You should understand that the GRE isn’t just about content. You can’t be ready by simply memorizing hundreds of vocabulary words or glancing at the math topics you haven’t studied since high school. You should be able to use the knowledge and act as a problem-solver in that specific moment of the test. Thus, it’s extremely important to focus on solid GRE prep to ace the exam.

Understanding the GRE

The GRE is a standardized, computer-based examination created and administered by the ETS (Educational Testing Service). It has three segments that examine your mathematical, verbal, and analytical writing skills. There’s also an unidentified, un-scored segment that will appear on your screen in any order after the analytical writing segment. This segment won’t be counted as part of your test score. At the end of the test, there may be an identified research section, which again isn’t scored. The GRE helps graduate schools (of all fields except business) assess your overall academic readiness for their programs.

No two students appearing for the GRE will get a matching set of questions. Unlike several other standardized tests, the GRE doesn’t give you a composite score for the whole examination. Instead, it offers you individual scores for your performance in each of the three segments of the test. The scores for both Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning segments are from 130-170. The scores for these two segments are calculated in one-point increments. Analytical Writing scores are on a scale of 0 to 6. This segment needs you to write two essays, and the score is calculated in 0.5-point increments. Thus, possible scores can be 4.5, 5, etc. Total GRE scores are from 260-340 in one-point increments, but the Analytical Writing scores are separate. However, your GRE score alone can’t assure admission to your chosen university or college. This test is merely one of the main factors that colleges and universities consider while selecting candidates for their programs. 

Your GRE Prep Options

A reputed study abroad consultant in Delhi for GRE prep like Jamboree Education Pvt Ltd will offer you various choices, such as classroom training, online training, live classes, and one-to-one private tutoring. Rigorous training for 60 hours, practice questions, mock tests, and doubt-clearing sessions are some of the key characteristics of these GRE prep courses. If you want to have a solid prep for the GRE and are planning to take the test in a little while, the right GRE prep course is worth it to make sure you keep yourself on schedule. Such a course will also give you the confidence to take the test and ace it.

If you want to take the test at home, your GRE prep course provider will ensure you go through the checklist of ETS equipment and environment and read the fine print. This way, you can be sure you meet the requirements and are eligible to take the GRE at home before you register for the at-home exam.

Wrapping Up

GRE test-takers should take their GRE prep seriously and trust a reliable name like Jamboree Education Pvt Ltd to score high. Click here to know more about Jamboree’s GRE prep packages. 

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