volunteer organizations in India

Although not essential for volunteering opportunities in India, many institutions require volunteers to pay high fees for this experience. Fees include administration, accommodation, and meals, but are much cheaper if you deal directly with the volunteer group. It’s really cheap because some volunteer organizations in India and hosts also offer boards.


WWOOFing (motivated workers on organic farms) is a global concept that continues to gain popularity in India. The number of owners has increased from a few in 2000 to over 100. These include tea plantations, coffee plantations, and communities of vegetarian farmers. It’s a great way to learn and experience Indian rural life. Meals and accommodation are provided. To join, a single membership costs $40 and for a couple of members is $60 for 12 months.

Packers of the world(Worldpackers.com)

Worldpackers.com is a popular global community volunteer organization in India platform connecting verified hosts and travelers looking to trade skills in exchange for a place to stay. There are plenty of opportunities in India, mostly in new backpacker hotels across the country. Work includes social media, photography, art and music, web development, management, and hospitality. Other opportunities include social work, parenthood, education, and agriculture. The annual membership fee is $49.

Help X

HelpX stands for HelpExchange. This is an online message board notifying homeowners around the world that they need help. The great thing about HelpX is the variety of volunteer opportunities in India. You can do anything from helping run the hotel to teaching English or even working on a farm. Accommodation and at least one meal (usually all) are provided free of charge to volunteers. To contact the listed hosts, you must register on the site and pay a fee.

Spiti Ecosphere, Himachal Pradesh

If you want to combine volunteer opportunities in India work with a trip to a remote alpine region in the highlands (Spiti, Himachal Pradesh), Ecosphere Spiti offers the opportunity to help the community. You can participate in the construction of long-awaited facilities, such as greenhouses for growing vegetables and structures for passive solar heating. Another option if the building is not yours is to help the villagers with their daily activities.

Uttarakhand state local social betterment organization

The Social Upliftment Grassroots Rural Organization (R.O.S.E.) is based in Kanda, a village near Bageshwar, Uttarakhand, and is active in community development. They run year-round projects for those who want to experience life in the Indian countryside and the hills of the Himalayas. These activities include education in local schools, agriculture, and construction. Volunteers learn the culture while living with a local family and enjoying nature.

Pyunli, Uttarakhand

Pyunli is a small NGO on the road to Badrinath, high in the Chamoli district in the mountains of Uttarakhand. It aims to bring about meaningful changes in society through the empowerment of women and the education of children. The NGO bears the name of a flower that is very popular in the culture of the region. This flower symbolizes a beautiful woman living in the forest. volunteer organizations in India can teach local children English, music, drama, yoga, and more, and get involved in organic farming.

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