CAN SOCIAL MEDIA IMPROVE YOUR SEO RANKINGS? What a peanut butter is to jelly in a sandwich is what social media to higher SEO rankings. Think about the last time you searched for a satin silk dress your friend wore, took a snap on Instagram and you simply switched the tabs to find out the exact shirt from google search to hunt down the alike outfit.

Would you have been so thrilled to scourge that dress if you didn’t see it on Instagram? I don’t think so. There we formed a link between social media with the various websites in the search engine and the higher ranking webpages popped right in front.


The optimization of content using keywords to create maximum visibility and organic traffic in a search engine is the job of SEO. Google always works for the best of us. When we put the matter into the search engine, it digs out the most useful information from the websites. 

It receives the most relevant information in the form of keywords that are present in those links, finds it beneficial, and immediately serves you with a series of useful links over others.

Relevance of social media?

Why do the bloggers keep insisting to “like, share, and subscribe” at the end of their posts and videos? This is done to attract more traffic, more audience, and hence more popularity. And even these videos are the ones that are present in the top rankings of searches of the respective social media.

This is where social media helps SEO, in creating organic traffic. A continuous loop of followers helps in creating a network of increased traffic which spikes the ranking at unprecedented levels.

carryminati, being a YouTuber wasn’t just popular in the YouTube media, he was also visible on Google when searching for related videos. The social media content doesn’t stay limited to a particular platform. The more followers it receives, helps it to connect itself to a large media, you may say the whole world. Once it’s out there in the digital world, there’s no going back.

Either you rule or let others rule you. SEO is most effective when backed by quality content. Your beauty blogging channel would only get more followers and get linked with other websites, only and only if your works have nothing but creativity. They must be appealing to the general public; they should be reliable enough so that you are able to create genuine followers. Create more engaging content, talk more with your audience, and create like-mindedness. 


Today leaving smartphones for just a second feels like an hour, social media being the most productive platform for us. In this digital world, it has become essential for every budding company, blogger, and influencer to create more traffic, engage their audience, and attain their trust. Be vigilant enough to catch the keywords for the appropriate platform and within no time you would be connecting with multiple links and raising your rank on search engines.

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