Advertising Tools in Telegram

Advertising Tools in Telegram. Nowadays, companies can grow their business by advertising and it can make them more visible. If you want to advertise your business it is so important to choose a good method. Choosing populated platforms is the best choice. If you advertise on social networks, you can have high efficiency. And telegram is one of the most popular messengers which you can have good results of your advertisement. In the following, we want to explain three ways of advertising on telegram. Stay tuned.

Three Methods of Advertising on Telegram

  1. Advertising in groups: Since telegram has the supergroups option, you can face a large number of audiences. You can add unlimited members in supergroups. But this method is not recommended because your message may get lost in a large number of messages and people may not pay attention to your message. But also, you can create your group and add your contacts to it. You should pay attention that you cannot add more than 50 members in a day. If you use more lines (telegram accounts) your accounts will not get restricted and blocked.
    1. Advertising in channels: you can advertise your products or services on telegram in 3 ways. (CPC, CPM, and hourly)
      CPM Ads: In this method, your post will remain the last post on the channel until reaches the desired view.
      CPC Ads: In this method, your post will remain the last post of the channel before reaching the desired clicks.
      Hourly Ads: In this method, your post will remain on the channel until the end of the agreed time.
      if you choose a popular channel, you have good advertising on telegram messenger.
    1. Advertising in private chats: In this method, your message will be seen because people are always open to the messages that are sent to them privately. The percentage of visibility is high. In this case, if you write an appropriate advertising message, you will attract audiences. But telegram does not allow you to advertise in telegram easily. Because of this restriction, you cannot send messages to more than 50 strangers a day. If you should use more lines (telegram accounts) you can bypass the restrictions of telegram. Since it is not easy to use multiple lines and send bulk messages to people privately you should use a tool to automate all these tasks.

Which tool is appropriate to automate advertising activities?

As we explained, advertising activities are difficult and time-consuming to be done manually and without any tool. These tools are software programs or bots and They can automate advertising activities. It can send bulk messages to groups and private chat and import your intended audiences to groups without your telegram accounts getting restricted and blocked. In the following, we want to introduce three of these bots and compare them with each other.

  • Telegram Auto
  • Texsender
  • Virtual User

The Telegram Auto Software

Using this software, you can advertise purposefully on Telegram and this software makes advertising activities for you to have easier advertising. This software can extract members’ IDs or numbers from your competitor’s groups and add them to your business group. In this case, you can get more audiences to show or introduce your content and products. In the following, you can see the features of this software.

Telegram Auto Software Features

Telegram Auto Software has the abilities of:

  1. Adding Telegram Members to Group and channels.
  2. Extracting Telegram group’s members.
  3. Extract the telegram channel’s members if you are the admin of that channel.
  4. Sending bulk messages to any telegram group’s members.
  5. Sending bulk messages to telegram users’ IDs for marketing.

Negative points:

  • This software cannot work with private groups.
  • This software works with API and your account will be recognized as a bot and because of this, your account may block.

The Texsender software

You can use this software if you want to send telegram messages from a computer easily and quite effectively. The Texsender has useful features for advertisements in Telegram and sending bulk messages to multiple people. we want to talk about the reasons why this software is useful, stay with us…

Special features of his software:

  1. Inviting members in bulk to your intended group securely and quickly.
  2. Import your desired IDs to your telegram contacts.
  3. Sending different contents like photos, videos, links, and emojis with textual content.
  4. Sending messages to people for who you have not saved their number in your contacts
  5. Setting a delay between messages, to prevent restrictions.
  6. Sending different contents.
  7. Sending messages to a list of intended IDs or numbers and intended groups.

Negative point:

  • There are no tutorials about advertising in this software.

The Virtual User Telegram Bulk Message Sender Package

This package contains multiple bots for advertising and sending bulk messages in telegram. Using these bots, you can extract the IDs or numbers of group members, and send bulk messages, if you want to know more about the unique features of this package, stay with us.

Unique Features of the Virtual User Bot

  1. Sending bulk messages in groups
  2. Sending bulk messages in private chat
  3. Adding members to groups
  4. Forwarding messages
  5. Extracting group members and sending messages purposefully
  6. Sending unique messages to each username or phone number
  7. Switching between accounts
  8. Skipping phone numbers that are not on Telegram
  9. Continuing work from where it has been paused
  10. Delivering reports on completed tasks
  11. Using accounts secured with a 2-step password
  12. This Bot does not use API
  13. You can also benefit from the tutorial files that are existed in the package.


We explained advertising in telegram and its methods above. In this article, you learned how you can advertise on telegram to get high efficiency and which method you should select to have more visibility. Finally, we talked about three tools and their certain features. Now you can select the best method to automate the advertising process and cross the difficulties of this process.


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