How Online Education Portal Can Help Students, Staff, and Organization

How Online Education Portal Can Help Students, Staff, and Organization. After a couple of pandemics, and a lot of tech revolution, today how we educate ourselves and others is completely different. Online classes, virtual teaching, and exams are not new today. People leave through it.

Anyone from any geographical location can easily complete the course online. Even schools and colleges today have shifted most of their processes online.

If any educational institute plans to move all their processes online then the education portal is the answer. A portal will incorporate both static information and dynamic information via a login.

All the main three entities of the education portal namely students, teachers, and admin can use it for their own good.


The portals make it easier for students to have a look at their course or exam schedule in a quick time. They can also refer to ebooks, videos, research papers, and many more.

Course Details

The education portal can help students view courses category-wise and detailed information on each course such as the faculty details, the real-world applications, fee details, length of the course, career trajectory, credit scores, etc. Once the students have enrolled in the course, they can check their performance bar as well, be it test attempts, test scores, or anything related to the course.

Knowledge Base

The knowledge base can be an excellent addition to the portal. It will be easier for students to go through ebooks, educational videos, timetables, and all the other information to gain knowledge. Sometimes, students of the institute are unaware of the achievements or research work of their colleagues. Hence, from the portal, it is easy to share research papers or experiments on the knowledge base for others to view and learn. The education portal will make basic tasks like a class schedule, exam schedule, attendance, leave requests, etc. for students to plan their day accordingly.


Communication becomes so much smoother with portals, be it personalized communication with the tutors, audio-video conferences, SMS, emails, or instant messaging.

Custom Dashboard

It can be confusing to find exam schedules in one place and leave requests from some other place. With an education portal, it would not be an issue. The portal will allow the students to sign up and later they can just log in through their ID and have all the information related to them on one dashboard. It will have hyperlinks to all the necessary information related to them.

This custom board can also be accessed by parents. This way the parents will be able to keep track of their child’s performance reports and all the other details like fees, time-table, grades, remarks, at one place.

Event Updates

Upcoming holidays, fest, circulars, on highlights to catch eyes so that no one misses important events. Keep these above points in mind while considering education portal development will make it more helpful than it already is.

Staff (Teachers)

The portal will help teachers to view all the information related to the class or their students. For example, grading the sheets, or checking the class schedule. The teachers can do a lot with the portal.

Real-time Analytics

With an education portal the teachers can do real-time analytics. The teachers will have data on all her students. This way they will know how many students are present, completed the course or how much they have completed, the number of tests taken, marks, all of that. Thus, it is easier for teachers to get an overview of the status and if they see any section with troubles, with real-time analytics changes can be made instantly.

Scheduling Classes and Time-Table

The main tasks that can be challenging for teachers are to maintain the class schedule and timetable. It is mandatory to ensure that teachers’ schedules do not overlap, otherwise, they will miss a class. The portal shows the list of absent and present teachers. This way you can adjust the number of hours of the available teachers and shift them to the absent teachers’ class.

Teachers Logged Hours

The number of hours worked by a teacher, and leaves taken, will all be automatically counted and accordingly, the salary will be generated.

Grading Students

The other important task for a teacher is to grade students’ answer sheets and upload the marks achieved. The mark sheet will be visible to respective students only and the students can also ask for changes if there are any. The change request will be seen by the teachers and if it is genuine they will accept it and accordingly change the marks. Once all the marks are finalized, it will be updated in the final sheet of results.

Custom Dashboard

Teachers will also have a custom dashboard filled with hyperlinks to all the courses they teach, leaves, timetable schedules, and the respective documents, assignments, etc. uploaded by them. Thus, this makes it easier for teachers to handle all the personal as well as work details.

Organization (Administration)

The educational portal will simplify a lot of the administrative tasks. Let us find out how admins will benefit from this portal.

Data Security

Keeping all sensitive information secure is the first priority of all educational institutes. To ensure data privacy the portal must have high-level security integrated with it like SSL/TLS protocols, strong encryption, etc.

Role-Based Access

One more feature of the education portal that adds to the security of the information is role-based access. This way only the required information will be shared with students, teachers, admin, etc. based on the level of their role. Thus, you do not have to worry about information breaches that can be a threat to organizations’ data.

Task Automation

Portal automates a lot of the redundant tasks that took away precious time of the admin department like students registration, pre-admission process, attendance records, payslips, mark sheets, certificates, and much more.


Portal will also have a help desk integrated which will allow students, teachers, and parents to easily resolve their questions and doubts with the admin department. The institute can allow multiple communication channels for the convenience of the people connected to them. A 24/7 communication channel will tackle the queries coming from different time zones and for students watching recorded lectures.

Custom Dashboard

Portals help the admin department to handle teachers, students, and finance departments. All the data of the three is synchronized in such a way that the admin will have a centralized dashboard. Thus, admins would not have to run through hundreds of pages to find the required data. They will have hyperlinks to the important tasks on their dashboards themselves. From there they can explore their requirements.

CMS Integration

Portals can be seamlessly integrated with the CMS. This way the data will be uniformly organized which is helpful during transferring or accessing the data. Thus, the admin department will have all the processes streamlined with less focus on mundane tasks and more on important tasks.


If you are related to the education sector and wish to leverage an education portal for your institute then you can hire development companies that have a handful of experience in this sector. They will be able to deliver a portal with features that integrate well with your institute as well as the implementation of it will be much smoother.

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