How to Separate a PDF Document into Smaller PDF Files?

How to Separate a PDF Document into Smaller PDF Files? PDF is a non-editable document in which you can’t make changes. So, if you want to make changes in the file, you have to change the format of the file and then make changes in the file.

But what if we tell you that it is possible to make modifications to the content without changing the format of the file?

You can make it possible with the help of an online PDF splitter. This tool will support you to make changes in the PDF file and separate the pages that are needed for another document.

You have to upload files in the tool and after that select the pages that are not needed in that file. Therefore, users can get the benefit here and make their working easy.

How does PDF splitter work?

The working of this online tool is quite simple. You don’t need to understand its works because it’s quite simple to use along with multiple features.

Here we are going to discuss the steps that you need to follow while using the PDF splitter and take out the pages from a file that are needed in a separate document.

  • Look for a free PDF separator on the search engine.
  • Select the best one that is rated well by the users and is providing more features.
  • Open the tool and here you will see the icon of upload. Click on the upload button and it will take you to the folder of your computer.
  • Select the file that you want to edit.
  • It will show all the pages on your screen. Now you have to select the pages that you want to split and place them in another file.
  • After that click on the download button. It will save all the pages in a separate PDF file.

Note: Make sure that all the PDF files are placed in a pattern. The tool will generate all the documents in that sequence as they are selected.

Other benefits of using an online PDF splitter

There are many other benefits that a user can get with the help of using a PDF separator and boosting their productivity. Here we will discuss some of these characteristics.

  • Save the time

Technology is always a time-saving element for us as it can make your workflow better and help you cover the assignments in no time.

The same goes for using a PDF file separator that keeps you away from extra efforts and makes the work easy. In this way, you can save time and increase your work productivity.

Let’s say you have to take out some important pages from a PDF file and you want to complete this task rapidly. For it, you can go for this online tool. There will be no need for changing the format of your document. It can directly be done with the help of a PDF separator.

  • Merge selected PDF pages

The main reason for separating the PDF pages is to make isolated files. That means you can make a file of every single page separately.

But what if a person has to make a PDF file of multiple pages? Is it possible to do so? 

Yes! It is promising that you can split multiple pages into a single file and keep them in a different file. You just have to select the option for merging those files.

This is another amazing benefit that users can get from this online tool and make their workflow better and more organized.

  • Split by range

If you have hundreds of pages in a single PDF document, it can be difficult to select each page and download it in the end.

So you can get an additional option in the PDF splitter by which you can separate the PDF documents by range. This can be a supportive element in saving the time of a user.

You have to click on the “split by range” icon and after that select the pages that you want to separate from that PDF document.

Instead of going for each page and selecting it, you can directly make it possible with the help of this amazing function and get the results instantly.

  • Compatible everywhere

The best thing about this online tool is that it can be accessed on any platform you want. No matter you are working on Windows, Linux, or Mac, this tool can be used anywhere.

This can be an additional benefit for the users as they can keep their data safe and get access to it whenever they want.

  • Download files

After selecting the pages that you want to separate, these pages can be directly downloaded to your device. This feature can keep you away from additional efforts.

Like you don’t have to copy each page and keep it in the folder. Instead, it is just a one-click task that can be completed in no time. How to Separate a PDF Document into Smaller PDF Files?

Bottom lines

To save time and separate the PDF pages without changing the format, you can directly make it possible with the help of an online PDF splitter.

Numerous online tools can be quite handy in this regard. These tools not only save your time but also reduce your extra work and increase productivity.

A user just has to upload a file in the tool and select the pages that he wants to detach from the original file. After that click on the download button and you will instantly save the separate files on your device.

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