Can Netsuite Solve Your Project Management Needs ?

Can Netsuite Solve Your Project Management Needs ?

About Netsuite Project Management 

Before we start waxing lyrical about some of the great features in Netsuite Project Management software, we want to tell you about the software itself. As a project management software, Netsuite has a number of features that make it ideal for your needs. In the last few years, Netsuite has become incredibly popular because of its amazing features. 

The software is so popular that it supports multiple languages because of its global popularity. The software supports Finnish, German, Korean, and more. This helps you recognize what great software this is; considering its popularity all over the world. But just because software is globally popular does not mean you should commit to it only because of popularity. In this piece, we will be talking about various features in Netsuite project management software to help you see the merits of this software. So if you are interested in this project then keep reading and we will help you figure out whether it will be the right choice for you. 

5 Amazing Features in Netsuite Project Management Software

Customize the Software

The first feature in Netsuite we want to talk about is the customization feature. The software allows you to choose the operational language you want to operate in and this is not by far the only feature you can customize. The software allows you to edit everything within it very easily. You can customize the dashboard as you want and make changes as per your preferences. The software really allows you to make it your own which is very helpful. All in all, the software is quite good and allows total control over it. Can Netsuite Solve Your Project Management.

Email Marketing Made Simple 

The next feature in this software that we want to talk about is the email marketing feature. These days email marketing is an essential tool for any business that wants to succeed. The email marketing feature in Netsuite project management software allows you to ensure that you have email lists for the various arms and interests of your business and clients. This helps you to ensure that all your clients are sorted by specific demographics so the email marketing campaigns you come up with are related to their interests and hence yield better results for you as well. The software also has email marketing templates that you can choose and then input with your details which makes it a lot easier to get work done. 

Lead Management 

Lead management is another area that Netsuite openair makes sure to help you with. The software allows you to maintain extensive lists of leads that you can convert into sales and clients later on. The software also ranks your leads according to readiness. This allows you to know which of your leads is most likely to convert and hence which lead you should dedicate more resources too. You need to focus on leads that are more likely to get you results which means you are geared for a greater chance at success!

Customer Support Portal

Another feature in Netsuite Project Management software that we feel the need to mention is the customer support portal. While this is not a direct feature of the software it is incredibly helpful. This feature allows you to troubleshoot any issues you might run into with your software in no time at all. With the customer support portal in Netsuite project management software, you are able to make sure all your issues are immediately addressed. You can connect with a customer support agent and have your issues mitigated right away. 

Payment Solutions 

The payment solution issue exists for every business but with Netsuite Project management, you are able to resolve the issue without any issues. The software allows you to add payment details for clients in your software and also allows for billing to be done automatically. Automatic billing is more accurate since there is a smaller chance of errors made in billing. Since billing can be done immediately, your client tends to pay you sooner as well since they receive bills sooner now. This helps you to ensure that you are in a better place financially as a business too! 

Netsuite Pricing

Netsuite pricing is another thing we want to talk to you about. The software is quite moderately priced and has a competitive pricing model when you compare it to its competitors. The software pricing starts at $399 a month but you can switch this to a premium option with a further $49 a month. The most expensive version costs $899 a month and can also be further made premium with an additional $49 a month!

Is Netsuite Suitable for your Project Management Needs?

Now that we have addressed all the major questions in regards to features and the Netsuite project management cost, you are probably wondering whether you should opt for this software. We suggest you make a list of all the features your ideal software would have and then compare it to the features in project management software

We also suggest you ask the vendor for a Netsuite project management demo or trial of the paid version of the software. This will help you figure out whether or not the software is right for you since you will have seen it operating firsthand and hence will be able to make an informed decision. Can Netsuite Solve Your Project Management

We also suggest you read as many Netsuite project management reviews as you can since long-time users can tell you about their experience with the software and help you figure out whether or not that experience was positive and whether you should as a result opt for that software! 

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