How to draw birds

How to draw birds. Admit; to know how to draw a bird is one of the “must” has skills. There are only a few common topics. Even children often try to move instinctively. Bird is one of them. To learn simple bird drawings, then it’s very easy, and I’ll show you how to do it. As soon as you know the basics – the “recipe” – it can surprise you how easy it is.

On the other hand, the completely different thing is that if you try to draw a real bird or make a natural bird from a photo, you want to draw realistic. There you should be as accurate as possible and capture every important function. But I can ensure that even a “complicated” seemingly “complicated” drawing is very simple because the drawing process is the same as any other object.

I’ll show you how a bird draws – usually a simple approach. Here you can quickly find the basics of a bird’s body. Before drawing a contour, try to observe the body propositions of the bird in the picture above. Please do not consider the layer of springs or similar details – not yet. Just see the head’s size compared to the trunk, how long the rear lasts, and that the beak is slightly upwards. Every bird – as we all perceive – has a beak, ahead, a hull (body), two legs, and a tail.

Let us learn how to draw a bird.

In the logical order, someone can start a bird out of the trunk and pull others out of his head. I used to start drawing birds from the head while intensively watching the proportions of the two; Head and chest. These two parts of the body must be in a good equilibrium when they pull a very rough early riser to be satisfied with their final drawing. Nevertheless, it is very difficult to say how well it is from the start. It is unique, and it also counts on your level of ability.

I would also say to use your intuition a little bit because drawing is a creative activity, and you cannot just do it by following a prescribed manual. Every bird has different body proportions. For example, Kingfisher, that small cute little creature, has a nozzle of almost the same size as his body. In such a case, you should pay particular awareness to the size and condition of the Schnabel because it is one of the most important features of the birds drawing.

In general, the trunk of a bird is almost always a hull in the form of a tear. If you draw a bird, always keep an eye on that the bird is indeed a small living level. As always, use a sloped pencil with loose adhesion, and its lines will be very stable and accurate. Now you can connect the head circle and the body hull with soft curves to create the bird’s neck. The drawing – sketching is always very hard, then make as many pencil lines as necessary.draw birds

Add the tail, mark the wigs, describe the grommet, and pull the legs. By dragging and drawing these parts of the basic body, always keep an eye on the right balance and the shares of all the drawings. At this point, you have a basic outline of a bird’s body.

Simple butterfly’s drawings

What is it really about the butterflies? At first glimpse, they do not appear like a few open wings, which could be the point. Wing. If you learn the basic habits of butterflies, you can say that you have learned to draw a butterfly. That’s all, and that’s all you need to know.

Each butterfly has two front wings and two rear wings, which structure looks like a vital pattern. As soon as you control the proportional balance between the earlier wings and the rear wings, you can draw your fantastic butterflies. Many symbols of butterflies, illustrations, etc., are created in this way. A silhouette of this work often does not run with real butterflies, but they are always nice.

The patterns that look like a frame are the veins that nourish the wings of the butterflies. Did you know that recent studies have found that the back wings help quickly make butterflies (and night sashes) during the flight to escape predators or escape predators? It is fantastic, as Mother Nature provides details on these beautiful colorful creatures.

If you catch butterflies, please take care of your wings! They are too fragile and broken, cannot repair, and the butterfly cannot survive. So if you try to make butterfly drawings, do not worry about accuracy. draw birds

I cannot help but repeat that you are a human man almost on each side, with no camera. Just be there. You can never make a perfect drawing 😉 The easiest way is to draw one with open wings to see the size, the pattern, and it’s easy to copy.

Draw the butterfly on the picture bigger on top of this page. Click on the image to open it on a new tab or a new tab, and then watch the details of the pencil shots. Ignore this time the description of the wings.

The drawing may appear pretty detailed when you look at it on the smallest picture, but if you enlarge it, you will see that I will not worry about the delicacy of the Pencil features. draw birds

Click on the pictures and enlarge them in a new tab or window. If you can not copy it, continue with a tracing paper and find it on the tracing paper. First, describe the basic shape of the wings, the outer line, and the “mosaic” on the wings. It gives you a basic concept of ​​your follow-up with detailed pencil work.

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