What are Microsoft Azure Certifications? Benefits of Microsoft Azure Certifications

What are Microsoft Azure Certifications? Benefits of Microsoft Azure Certifications. Previously known as Windows Azure, Microsoft Azure is a public cloud computing platform launched by Microsoft. This platform offers various cloud services such as analytics, computing, networking as well as data storage. The customers can pick out and select from the various services provided. They can use this platform to develop new applications. The customers can even use Microsoft Azure to run already existing applications.

The advantage of using Azure is to meet up with the business challenges. The objective of Microsoft Azure is to manage the business and to meet their customers’ organizational goals. This platform offers several tools which can support many different industries. It helps several companies including some e-commerce and financial companies as well. Microsoft Azure is compatible with several open source technologies. Azure online training will help you to become a master in Microsoft Azure cloud.

Microsoft provides users the option to select from their various resources. Besides, Microsoft provides four different forms of cloud computing platforms. These are-

  • IaaS- Infrastructure as a Service
  • PaaS- Platform as a Service
  • SaaS- Software as a Service
  • Serverless

Microsoft Azure follows a pay-as-you-go policy. This enables its customers to only pay for the resources they use and avoid paying for unnecessary services.


After the customer subscribes to this platform, they can access all the tools and services provided. It is a fast, flexible, and cost-efficient platform. The low pricing makes it one of the best public cloud platforms available.

Here are some ways in which The Microsoft Azure platform can be used-

·        Develop and host apps

Microsoft Azure provides tools like patch management, integration, and auto-scale for on-premise apps. Hence, azure with the help of such tools makes these apps adaptive and autonomous.

Autonomous patch management helps to decrease your time spent on infrastructure. This in turn gives you more time to focus on the improvement of your apps.

Autoscale is one of the best features of this platform. It is a built-in feature of the Azure app. This feature adjusts the services of the web automatically based on the web traffic of customers. This means that when the traffic is high you get the needful resources. Although when the customer is not at their peak time they can save money.

·        Increase active directory and distribution

Microsoft Azure integrates with the customer’s active directory. Hence, it increases their identity and access capabilities. This gives the customer an increased global reach, robust security, and centralized management.

Azure helps to globally distribute an active directory. This feature of Microsoft Azure is unparalleled as no other cloud platform can extend the reach of their customer’s domain controller.

Azure adds a new layer of security to the data and application as it enables the customers to utilize multi-factor authentication. In addition, this feature is hassle-free for its users.

·        In IT industry

Azure becomes the perfect resource for companies moving for IT solutions. The customer can connect their devices to the cloud and integrate with existing infrastructure and gather new information about their companies.

·        Back-up and Recovery

Because of Azure’s advanced site recovery, flexibility, and built-in integration, it is a dream tool for backup and recovery. Azure can back up the customer’s data in almost any language or any operating system and this can be done through any place. Besides, you can customize your backup schedule.


STORAGE: This service provides storage for structured data. It can also hold up big data projects and archival storage.

WEB: This facility helps to develop as well as deploy web applications. Through this service, Azure offers features like search, notification, reporting, and many more.

MOBILE: These help to build cloud applications for mobile devices.


Microsoft Azure certification helps to provide your knowledge of a new space of cloud services. Not only this but also this certificate also lets a person prove their knowledge of Azure workload, privacy, services, security, and much more. Microsoft Azure certifications provide aspirants with cloud computing specialization. The students learn to manage, upgrade and even establish applications. This also helps networking routes across the global channel.

Once you get privy to the Microsoft Azure platform you become a great asset to the companies hiring you. This is because you are backed by the growth of cloud computing which helps unnecessary and daily business expenses. Benefits of Microsoft Azure Certifications.

Microsoft Azure certification opens doors to job opportunities like solution architect or cloud developer.

Levels of azure certification

  • Azure Fundamentals
  • Associate
  • Expert


  • Nearly 300 billion companies have implanted cloud computing systems as of now.
  • Adapting the Azure Microsoft formula is a lot easier than other cloud service providers.
  • It is very effective in helping you scout for cloud computing and the global space of IT.
  • Greatly beneficial for business management because of its cost-efficient services.
  • According to Microsoft reports more than 1000 users started using azure recently.
  • Finally and most importantly, many fortune 500 companies have started using Microsoft Azure.


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