Best Streaming Sites for Movies, TV Series, and Sports of 2022

Best Streaming Sites for Movies, TV Series, and Sports of 2022. Thanks to the numerous streaming sites, today it is really easy to enjoy movies, TV series, and sports from the comfort of your home and without the need for a TV or satellite dish. Years ago we watched a movie we liked or we went to see it at the cinema or we could buy or rent the DVD.

 Now all this has passed thanks to the possibility of choosing which movie or TV series to watch at any time of the day while sitting on the sofa. In recent years, various streaming platforms have been created that offer different services and that make available a very large catalog of films, cartoons, documentaries, and TV series.


It is currently without a doubt the most popular streaming platform. Netflix offers a truly vast catalog of TV programs, films, documentaries, and even some TV series produced directly by Netflix (such as the famous “House of Paper”). If you are interested in exploring how it works and viewing its catalog, you can take advantage of a free month’s subscription and cancel just before the deadline. 

Prime Video

Prime Video is the streaming service offered by Amazon to anyone who has subscribed to Amazon Prime. Currently, with the subscription to Amazon Prime, you can benefit from free shipping, exclusive offers on Amazon and you can access the Prime Video streaming platform.

Disney +

Disney + is the new streaming service offered by The Walt Disney Company which is available in Italy from March 2020. The platform is able to offer a truly excellent catalog of products including original and exclusive productions, Italian productions, over 500 films, and more than 350 TV series.


On the streaming and sports side, it is impossible not to mention the new DAZN platform. Despite some initial hesitation (caused by problems with streaming events), this service is establishing itself among football fans and beyond.

Apple TV +

Apple has also devised its platform for watching streaming content on-demand. You can watch exclusive Apple original content created in collaboration with big names on the international scene, such as Steven Spielberg, JJ Abrams, Reese Witherspoon, and Oprah Winfrey. 

Given that here there are films and documentaries made exclusively for the Cupertino giant, this cannot be considered a platform in competition with other streaming animedao services available on the market. 

Now TV

Now TV is the online streaming site provided by Sky that allows you to watch sports events, films, documentaries, and TV series on smart TVs, smartphones, computers, or tablets. Unlike Sky, Now TV does not require a satellite subscription but only an internet connection. 

NOW TV is available on various devices such as PC, smartphones, tablets, and on compatible Smart TVs, Google Chromecast, Vodafone TV, TIM Box, or an Xbox and PlayStation game console. Streaming Sites for Movies, TV Series, and Sports of 2022

Tim Vision

Another streaming platform that is spreading more and more in Italy is TimVision . Owned by the telecommunications company TIM, the service offers three different subscriptions, TimVisionPlus, Mondo Disney, and Mondo Sport. If you are a Tim customer (or if you decide to become one) there are often promotions that allow you to save on subscriptions or have them free for fiber users.


TV series and programs with particular attention paid to Italian products. The service allows you to use a maximum of 2 devices at the same time and in addition to the products already available there is also a section dedicated to rental which, at a cost of a few euros, allows you to access films recently released at the cinema.

All contents can also be seen in the original language with subtitles and there is the possibility of watching 4k movies on your TV. The platform allows you to download the contents on your devices to be able to watch them even offline.


Chili is a European company founded in 2012 that offers a wider range of services than traditional streaming sites. This platform, in fact, does not require a subscription but once you have downloaded the app you can browse its product catalog and buy the film or TV series you are interested in. Once the product has been purchased, it will always be available in your reserved area on the site.


RaiPlay is an excellent portal provided by Rai where it is possible to watch not only Rai channels live , but also films, documentaries, TV series, and original Rai fiction. The service is totally free and the catalog of on-demand products is really wide, from documentaries to theatrical works, from insights on scientific and historical topics also suitable for children to documentaries to show the beauties of our country. To access the content, simply log into the site. You can also use the service via the app (available for Android and iOS) on smartphones and tablets.


MediasetPlay is also very similar to the service offered by RaiPlay, which allows you to watch all Mediaset TV channels in live streaming and, in addition to this, presents a rich on-demand catalog with the best of programs and fiction, along with a selection of films. , TV series, documentaries, and cartoons. MediasetPlay also offers the innovative ” Restart ” function which allows you to watch a program still aired on any Mediaset network from the beginning.


Dplay is a video streaming service that allows you to watch TV series, documentaries, and entertainment programs for free and on-demand. The platform is present in Italy with 14 channels distributed by Sky and Digital Terrestrial for free. The best-known free channels are Real-Time, Dmax, Food Network, Nove, Motor Trend, HGTV, Yellow, Frisbee, K2, and Animal Planet.


PopCornTV is an Italian streaming site where there are various films, although not very well known and not always recent. Watching movies on this platform is totally free as the site bases its revenue on advertisements. The service also relies on Youtube and other video streaming portals. Although it does not have a catalog with the latest film productions, here you can find some films that have made the history of cinema.

Rakuten Tv

Rakuten Tv is one of the lesser-known streaming sites. The platform belongs to a Japanese company of the same name and does not require a monthly subscription. Rakuten TV offers two ways to view the content: purchase and rent. For contractual reasons some films only have the option to rent or only to buy, although in most cases there are both options. In the case of rental of content through Rakuten TV, the content will be available in the “Video Library” section of your personal profile for a period of 48 hours from the time of payment.


Few people know this, but full movies are also available on Youtube for free belonging to different genres, even if they are often not very recent. We can find movies on YouTube in Italian, English, or any other language with good HD (high definition) audio and video quality, with only short commercial breaks.

Then there is a special section that presents a catalog with films that can be rented or purchased at often very affordable prices. Here you will find cinematographic works that may have just been released, films that have won international awards, and, at times, even films that are still showing in theaters. Streaming Sites for Movies, TV Series, and Sports of 2022

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