As an artist, it’s important to get your music out there and heard by as many people as possible. One of the best ways to do this is by using Spotify. This streaming service has millions of users, and if you have a large following on Spotify, your music will be more likely to be heard. Luckily, there are ways to get more Spotify followers for free.

it’s crucial to have a strong presence on streaming platforms like Spotify. With millions of users, Spotify offers a great way to reach new fans and grow your music career. But having a large following on Spotify doesn’t happen overnight – it takes time and effort. Luckily, there are some ways to get more Spotify followers for free. we’ll talk about how to increase your following on Spotify and some tips for getting the most out of the platform.

Get more Spotify followers using songs that are five minutes in length.

Get more Spotify followers free

This is the ideal length to get your music heard by more people because most users listen to up to an hour of streaming per day. Assuming you utilize more limited melodies, they will be bound to be skipped or paid attention to momentarily. However, if you use longer songs, you run the risk of some listeners not hearing your entire track or forgetting to follow you. Get more Spotify followers free

Include a link on all of your social media profiles.

Especially Twitter and Facebook. This is a great way to get more Spotify followers because people can listen to your music while they visit other parts of your site or profile page. There are different ways of doing this. You can include a link to Spotify in your profile description, use free tools like Rribbble to create Spotify widgets, or even build your own widget using HTML code.

Join the Spotify Artist Program.

This is a great way to get more exposure on Spotify because you receive multiple benefits for being part of this program. One of the best benefits is that Spotify may feature you on their social media channels or blog. You also get access to early updates and features, your profile will show up more often in playlists, and your albums will be added to new genres.

Give out free streaming codes.

There are multiple sites that distribute free Spotify codes that you can give to fans. In some cases, you may have to retweet or share a post from the site on social media before receiving your code.

Include cover art and song titles in your profile.

A great way to get more exposure on Spotify is by including a high-quality visual image of one of the songs on your profile page. Many individuals will snap to see your whole profile in the wake of seeing one of your melodies in a playlist. If the image is high quality and intriguing, more users might listen to all of your music or even follow you.

Use Spotify playlists.

One of the most important parts of having an effective presence on Spotify is using playlists. These are curated lists of songs that can be customized to fit whatever genre you perform. There are multiple ways to find people who create playlists in your genre and then reach out to them about including one of your songs. If the playlist is popular enough, you could gain new followers who stream all of your music or share it with their friends. You can also include multiple playlists of your own on your profile. This shows that you’re involved and eager to get exposure for yourself and other artists.

Engage with listeners to get more Spotify followers free

It’s important to take time each day to engage with listeners who stream your music or add it to their own playlists. Find users who listen to similar artists and reach out to them. Regardless of whether you have a tune that is comparable, you can in any case begin a discussion and let them know about any new music or impending shows.

Import your current mailing list.

One of the easiest ways to get more Spotify followers is by importing your current email list into Spotify using Email Hunter. Once you’ve imported your contacts, you can use Spotify Advertising to send them a free streaming code and encourage them to follow you.

For free spotify follwers use custom URLs.

Custom URLs are vanity links that make it easier for users to find and follow you on various platforms. They incorporate anything you desire them to say after the space name (, for instance). You can use these links to direct current fans of your music to one place where they can access all of your social media and music.

Get featured on one of Spotify’s playlists.

There are multiple playlists that you can apply to be included in. Some include “New Music Friday,” “Viral 50,” and “Weekend Buzz.” You can apply to be included in as many playlists as you’d like, but it’s important that your songs are high quality and fit the theme of each playlist. It also helps to interact with users who curate these playlists beforehand.

Use ad campaigns for more Spotify free followers

Spotify has a great self-serve ad platform that allows you to reach a large number of people at a low cost. You can use Spotify ads to target users who might be your ideal fans and encourage them to follow you on Spotify. These ads appear as banners at the top of user pages, or as audio ads between songs.

Feature other artists on one of your playlists.

You can reach a wider audience by including other artists on one of your playlists. In this case, it’s important to get permission from each artist before adding them to your playlist.

Create a Spotify-exclusive album or EP.

This option is great for musicians who want their music only available on Spotify rather than other online streaming services. It will be featured on the homepage and can reach a wide audience of users who are only willing to listen to music that isn’t available anywhere else.

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