Flagrant Violations of Voting Rights in CT


Flagrant Violations of Voting Rights in CT

Petitions for Socialist Candidate Still Not Checked; Signatures Illegally Rejected

Call Secretary of State, Denise Merrill Now! Count Every Signature!

The Secretary of State’s office is threatening to rule Socialist and Iraq War Veteran, Fred Linck off the ballot when dozens of petitions are still in the hands of town clerks (likely containing hundreds of uncounted signatures), and a cursory examination of a sample of counted signatures suggests that clerks have been illegally rejecting hundreds, if not thousands of signatures.

With more than 6,700 signatures already verified, it is clear that there are easily enough valid signatures among the remaining uncounted or rejected signatures (some 4,200) to bring the total above the 7,500 needed for ballot status.

Action needed!
Secretary of State, Denise Merrill, needs to require that town clerks check and submit the missing 56 nominating petitions now. They are already three weeks past their mandated deadline. Merrill also needs to review petitions for illegally rejected signatures and ensure that all signatures from registered voters are included in the final count.

Contact Secretary of State, Denise Merrill now to demand that all signatures be counted, that illegal rejection of signatures cease and be reversed.

Contact Secretary of State, Denise Merrill now!

Be polite, but firm.
Ask where the remaining 56 petitions are and when they will be counted.
Explain that you understand that a large number of signatures submitted by Fred Linck have been found to be rejected illegally. Ask that all signatures be reviewed for illegal rejection and that innapropriately rejected signatures be validated now.
Office of the Secretary of the State
Telephone: (860) 509-6200
(Select the option for elections, and then the option to call as a member of the public)
Business Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday

Deputy Secretary of the State,
Scott D. Bates (860) 509-6212

Ask Denise Merrill on Facebook:

Or on Twitter:

More info:
On Wednesday, September 12th two campaign volunteers visited the Secretary of State’s Office for just two hours.

A brief look at a sample of about one tenth the submitted signatures (less than 1300) found that:
71 voters were ruled off by Hartford town clerks for being unaffiliated – not a legal reason to reject signatures for an independent candidate!
25 voters were ruled off in New Haven for being inactive – not a legal reason to reject signatures unless the date of birth is missing (these voters have included their birth-dates)
72 voters’ signatures were ruled off in New London for being illegible when their information is quite legible.

The violations discovered so far in the sample suggest that hundreds, and likely thousands of signatures have been illegally rejected by town clerks. Even a conservative estimate provides enough signatures to qualify Linck for ballot status.

Volunteers also found that 56 petition sheets are missing, presumably still in town clerk offices where they were supposed to be checked three weeks ago. 56 petition sheets can contain up to 1,680 signatures.

Even half-filled, the 56 missing sheets alone would provide enough signatures to qualify Linck for ballot status.

This is not really surprising, since other candidates like Oz Griebel obtained ballot status by wide margins after turning in fewer signatures than Linck.

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