Into the streets: A call for socialist unity in action for inauguration weekend and beyond


Into the streets!

A call for socialist unity in action for inauguration weekend and beyond

Issued by the Boston Socialist Unity ProjectBoston Socialist Unity Project and the Philly Socialists

Comrades and friends,

The election of Donald Trump has unleashed extreme right-wing forces intent on doing harm to oppressed and working class people. The Trump campaign, with the open bigotry it promoted and inspired, drew comparisons with fascist movements of the past. The Trump administration being assembled out of traditional conservatives, white nationalist “alt-right” figures, and corporate interests will further institutionalize and normalize these dangerous forces if not effectively resisted at every opportunity.

Movement in the streets

This election has also brought forth an unprecedented nationwide protest movement against a president-elect and has boldly expressed rejection of his messages of hate. These protests have been organized by a broad array of forces and socialist organizations have played key roles in the most militant mobilizations. Boston Socialist Unity Project commends the efforts of organizations that took initiative to rapidly put people in the streets. Going forward we hope that socialist groups can immediately begin to explore ways to work together towards unified, coordinated, and even more powerful activity.

Towards a united front

Socialist unity in action can help build towards a powerful united front capable of resisting both Trump and the system that created him. Socialists understand that capitalism and imperialism seek to pit sections of the working class against each other and our perspective can help overcome this tendency to divide and conquer that Trump relies on. Socialists also understand the need for mass actions in the streets in concert with other progressives, especially in the coming weeks leading up to the inauguration. Socialists also understand that a united front must collaborate broadly and strategically with all democratic forces to build the working class movement, whether engaged in community work, public protests, or electoral activities.

United weekend of action

Many socialist groups are currently organizing for a variety of actions locally and in Washington DC on January 20-21, the largest being mobilizations for inauguration day and women’s marches the following day. As one step towards building a united front, BSUP is calling on all socialist organizations mobilizing for inauguration protests to do so under the banner of a United Weekend of Action.

Boston Socialist Unity Project & Philly Socialists

BSUP has had some modest success uniting local socialists at our Building Socialism, Building Our Movements 2016 Spring conference. We hope to build further local unity at our upcoming conference in April. Philly Socialists hosted a successful Socialist Convergence during the Democratic National Convention and they have recently issued a call for a united front of socialists that aims to use the infrastructure they developed over the Summer to make this happen. BSUP supports this effort as well as any other efforts to form local, regional, or national coalitions, conferences, or means to promote joint activity.

Get involved

We encourage all socialists who agree with this perspective to raise it in their own organizations. We also encourage all unaffiliated socialists to join political organizations as thousands have done since election day.

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