Fidel Castro, presente! a compilation of links


Fidel Castro, presente!

a compilation of links

Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution inspired a generation of young radicals and revolutionaries.  All humans have flaws but the balance sheet on Fidel and the revolution is overall a positive one. The gains of the Cuban people in education and health care are astounding. The internationalism of Cuba in Latin America and Africa is admirable.


Fidel survived more than 600 assassination attempts by the CIA. The fact that he lived to be 90 years old is one final thumb in the eye of imperialism.

This doesn’t change my belief that the revolution is in danger of a capitalist restoration on similar lines of Vietnam or China.

The struggle for socialism doesn’t depend on the life or death of one person. It depends on the mass struggles of the workers and oppressed.

Socialism or death!

Links below


History Will Absolve Me, Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro Denounces Bureaucracy and Sectarianism

Cuba’s Achievements and America’s Wars, Fidel Castro

Socialism and man in Cuba, Che Guevara

Socialism In One Country and the Cuban Revolution, Celia Hart Santamaria


The Working Class in the Cuban Revolution, Steve Cushion

Is Cuba State Capitalist? Larry Seigle

Cuba, The Acid Test, Joseph Hansen

Theory and the Cuban Revolution, Joseph Hansen



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