Kwame Somburu 1934-2016


Kwame Somburu 1934-2016

Kwame Somburu (Paul Boutelle) passed on May 3, 2016. A long time revolutionary and fighter for the oppressed, Kwame had been a member of the Socialist Workers Party, Socialist Action, and the Socialist Workers Organization. In 1968, Kwame was the Vice Presidential candidate of the SWP campaigning alongside Presidential nominee Fred Halstead.

In this post, you will find links to some older and more recent writings by comrade Somburu. We are also posting videos that may be of interest. As remembrances are posted online, we will repost them here as well.

Kwame Somburu was an exemplary revolutionary and fighter, who should serve as a role model to the next generation of radicals.


On the 50th Anniversary of the Assassination: Malcolm X in Life and Legacy         Against the Current, February 21, 2015

Africans in America: Part III (a 1999 series in the Socialist Action Newspaper, parts 1 and 2 not available)

Africans in America: Part IV

Africans in America: Part Five

Nation Time Socialist Viewpoint, 2006

In memorial

The Kwame Somburu Project

Kwame Montsho Ajamu Somburu ¡Presente!, October 13, 1934 – May 3, 2016
By The Editors of Socialist Viewpoint Magazine

Kwame Somburu, ¡Presente! Louis Proyect





  1. When he came to Birmingham in England he spoke on Malcom x. He was on the same wave length of Pat, Anthony and Marian Brain. The meeting was packed with members from the Black community. He was an inspiration.

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