Embrace the Intifada! Grant your legitimation to my Glorious Palestinian Brothers!

bethlehem clash

Answer the Clarion Call:

To the International Socialist Movement from renowned anti-zionist activist and voice of conscience Tikva Honig-Parnass:

“Embrace the Intifada!  Grant your legitimation to my Glorious Palestinian Brothers!”

More than a month has passed since the outburst of the current Intifada. During the first two weeks it was carried out by the youth of Jerusalem who hold a blue identity card which permits them to move freely within Israel. However since the third week, the intifada has spread to the West Bank as well, largely but not only to Hebron area. Bir Zeit and Al-Quds students (among others) have went out to the streets and were involved in clashes with the Israeli army and the PA soldiers. The soldiers often burst into the universities to kidnap activists, thus preventing the ability to carry on regular studies. Last week Palestinian women came out with a call to join the intifada and emphasized Feminist positions of “gender equality in responsibility for the Intifada.”

Almost everyday a number of youngsters are committing stubbing or running over operations against settlers in the West Bank and Jerusalem or against Israelis in Israel “proper”. Until now (November 3) they have operated independently, with minimal preparations or planning. They have not been supported, not to mention organized by the political parties- not even by the “left” PFLP and DFLP. The Palestinian Authority continues to collaborate with the Israeli intelligence (Shabak) and by arresting or detaining activists, (1179 in the West Bank and 59 in Gaza Strip) have managed to hinder many operations. ( ” this coordination with the Authority contributes to calm the ground” the Israeli security spokesman told Haaretz ) .The youth of the Gaza Strip demonstrated this month in different places close to the Separation Wall and were involved in with strong clashes with the Army.

The Palestinian citizens of Israel took part in mass solidarity protests. MK Balad, Haneen Zoabi, truly expresses the mood of rather large part of the Palestinians in Israel, especially the ‘1948’ young generation. In an interview granted to Hamas news paper ten days ago she said:
“Today there are only actions of individuals, and what is needed is popular support,” [..]“If individual attacks will continue without popular support they will die out in a matter of days – thousands of people going out will turn these events into a true intifada..” Netanyahu directed Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein “to open a criminal investigation against her for calling for a popular Intifada against Israel.

Senior political commentators recognize the “stormy and tumultuous” nature of the uprising and admit that it can not be suppressed through the use of force. Amos Harel ( Haaretz, 23 October) described the determination and bravery of these youngsters: “In most cases the presence of the Israeli soldiers or police and their swift reaction, results in killing [namely executed] or wounding of the attacker in a few minutes.” [56 were killed in the West Bank or in operations inside Israel and 17 in Gaza Strip and 2250 were wounded]. But this does not divert those youth from their aspiration. This wave will not fade away by itself. On the contrary. Every killed knihfer [sic] immediately turns to be a “Shahid”.

Moreover, their bravery is seen as similar the strugglers of the first Intifada: ” The 2015 Palestinian youth remind us of their parents’ generation- the youth who marched bar-chest at the head of the demonstrations in the West Bank and Gaza. Now they challenge the Israeli army and almost demand the snipers to shoot them.”

And indeed what we are witnessing is a continuation of the past attempts of resistance to the Occupation. ( See Ben White “Is it a Third Intifada?” for depicting the current uprising as a link in the chain of different ways of Tzumud and resistance).

According to Haaretz,the Israeli Security Establishment believes that the Intifada would “escalate” and prepares for “a long confrontation”. They plan to enlist the reserves in order to strengthen the military regular service, the majority of which has already stopped its training due to the uprising. The Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot said in a rare interview to channel 2 that “There is no focused or clear military solution to a challenge of this kind. There is a multi- dimensional, combined response.[I wander of what bloody means he is talking about] I can not hide behind the matter that there is here a popular wide phenomenon which is influenced by external events. I believe that the solution to the problem would be found, but it will take time.”

The Marxist radical organizations in Europe and the USA have reacted to the Intifada with a complete silence. They reported about the brutality of Israel bloody policies and condemned it but did not call for solidarity with the uprising or even named it as INTIFADA. I am preoccupied with the questions: What is it in the nature of the present uprising that kept my comrades so alienated? The stubbing?

The fact that it has not yet developed into a mass popular Intifada? Is not their duty to listen to the voices of the oppressed even when they are still weak? Is it the yet lack of support by the Palestinian “representatives of the masses”- the historic political parties- which has deterred them?

Howevr, finally the Fatah has concluded that the intifada does exist. In the morning news of November 3 it was broadcasted that “leaders of Fatah call for expanding the uprising into a wide civil rebellion which will include all parts of the people”. Would this be sufficient to for the Internationalist, Socialist organizations to grant their “legitimation” to my Palestinian Glorious Brothers??

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