Mexico: Report on the First National Congress of the OPT (Political Organization of the Workers and People)


Report on the First National Congress of the OPT (Political Organization of the Workers and People) — Mexico City, December 12-13

(published in Mexico by El Trabajo newspaper No. 236, Supplement No. 2)

On December 12-13, 2014, the first national congress of the Political Organization of the Workers and People (OPT) was held in Mexico City. The congress took place at a time when evidence had just been disclosed that the Federal Police had participated in the barbarous murders committed in Iguala-Ayotzinapa against the “normalistas” [the students at the rural teachers’ college – Translator’s Note] on September 26-27.

How true rings the chant by huge numbers of people in all the recent demonstrations: “The State Was Responsible!”

Events in Ayotzinapa have opened a new phase in the political life of the nation, exposing the crisis of decomposition of the PRI regime.

The massive marches and “global actions” of October, November and December reveal clearly that the Mexican people have had enough of the PRI institutions, and that they reject all the “counter-reforms” imposed by the PRI regime over the years.

Meanwhile, on the same day that the congress of the OPT ended, Federal Police attacked students and parents of Ayotzinapa who were setting up the stage for a music festival in Chilpancingo, the capital of Guerrero.

The revelations published in the media on the role of the Federal Police in Iguala and the attack by Federal Police on Saturday, December 13, in Chilpancingo are developments that call for increasing the efforts for unity, for the convergence of all the forces that have taken a stand for Ayotzinapa, against the government’s “counter-reforms,” for a Constituent Congress.

In that sense, the first national congress of the OPT vigorously supported the effort to mobilize for the Second Meeting of All the Resistance Movements, which is slated to be held on January 10, 2015.

We should remind readers that the first Meeting of All Resistance Movements, held in Mexico City on November 20 at the initiative of the Mexican Electrical Workers union (SME), issued an appeal to fight for:

  • Bringing back alive the 43 disappeared normalistas,
  • Punishing those responsible for the events of September 26-27,
  • Repealing all the structural “counter-reforms”,
  • Releasing all political prisoners, and
  • Ousting President Enrique Peña Nieto!

The purpose of the Second Meeting is to further the coordinating efforts of all the resistance movements – of all who have demonstrated in solidarity with Ayotzinapa and who have called for Peña Nieto to step down.

In that perspective, the first national congress of the OPT proposed opening a wide discussion around the need to fight for a Sovereign National Constituent Assembly, with real representatives of the people who respect the mandate of the rank and file who they represent, and that establishes a new government responsible to the Constituent Assembly that annuls the PRI regime’s “counter-reforms,” ends all the violence, and establishes full national sovereignty.

The need to fight to overthrow the government of Peña Nieto is becoming all the more urgent today because the political crisis is becoming combined with an economic crisis, as evidenced by the recent devaluation of the peso and the fall of the oil prices — all orchestrated by U.S. finance capital.

To prevent this crisis from deepening, the Peña Nieto government is only throwing more gasoline on the fire as it attacks the working class. This was shown most recently in the brutal offensive against the pensions of the teachers in Baja California and the attack on the working conditions of nurses across the country.

All out for the Second Meeting of All the Resistance Movements! Let us all mobilize to make sure that our unions and student/popular organizations are present, and that well-known personalities who have taken a stand in solidarity with Ayotzinapa are invited.

Join the OPT!



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