Uprising in Ferguson, MO – a compilation of links

ferguson woman

Uprising in Ferguson, MO

introduction by John K:

The left, especially the white left, in this country is in need of some serious introspection. The uprising in Ferguson is the “chickens come home to roost” for mass incarceration, the so-called war on drugs, jobs discrimination, voter suppression and police brutality.

Our stand should always be with the oppressed and exploited and we need to sink real roots in the working class. This will require a serious, long-term, orientation to the struggles of the oppressed and not just sending a couple of people in when the shit sparks off.

What is the relationship between race and class in the US? How do we avoid class reductionist thinking without abandoning a class orientation? How do we orient to actual struggles in the Black community? In Philly, what does it mean? How do predominantly white revolutionary organizations become multiracial and create a space where Black and Latino/a comrades feel comfortable?

Above all, I think this requires being /reliable allies/ in the struggles of the oppressed and trying to /learn/ rather than thinking we are there to /teach/ anyone how to struggle.

I don’t think we can stress enough the significance of these events- not just for the immediate situation — but for what they potentially mean in the next few years. The underlying social wounds that the Black community suffer from structural unemployment, attacks on social spending, the so-called war on drugs, police brutality, mass incarceration,etc. have brought forth a reservoir of deep anger.

This mass explosion has exposed the reformist, Uncle Tom, Black misleadership class and the Democratic Party for what they are. Just look at Obama. He’s not said jack. The potential exists for the building of an independent organization of Black struggle/Black Power.


The following is a compilation of links, some from socialist publications/sites and others.


Night of Pain, Night of Rage by Mumia Abu-Jamal

Post Ferguson by Mumia Abu-Jamal

Uprising of Black Youth in Aftermath of Police Killing in Ferguson, Missouri Alan Benjamin (added 9/30)

Reflections On Ferguson, One Month On: Heroism, Lessons, What Next? Freedom Road   (FRSO/OSCL added 9/20/14)

OBS and Hands Up, Don’t Shoot Issue Demands  Organization of Black Struggle (OBS)

Ferguson Unmasks the War on Black America Glen Ford, Black Agenda Report (BAR)

Ferguson Versus the Counter-Insurgency State  Glen Ford, Black Agenda Report (BAR)

Rosa Clemente: On the Ground In Ferguson MO  BAR

The Black Nation Charges Genocide! Our survival is dependent on Self-Defense! Malcolm X Grassroots Movement

Protests erupt in Missouri after another police murder Jamala Rogers, Freedom Road (FRSO/OSCL)

Fight to stop police terror – justice for Michael Brown, Freedom Road – Fightback

Ferguson is Fighting Back  Socialist Worker

Scenes from a city in revolt  SW

Where is labor in Ferguson?  SW

Indict Michael Brown’s Killer and Spread the Protests!  Socialist Alternative

Eyewitness Report from Ferguson   Socialist Alternative

All out for Michael Brown!  Socialist Action

We are all Ferguson! Workers’ Voice / La Voz de los Trabajadores

Police Murder in Ferguson, Missouri March on Ferguson Is Needed to Demand Justice!  Socialist Organizer

Hands Up, Don’t Shoot: Ferguson on Center Stage   Solidarity

Michael Brown and Ferguson—Stop the Killing of Black Men Dan LaBotz, New Politics

Freedom Socialist Party on Ferguson

Another brother is dead! Support the Ferguson rebellion! Nat Winn,  Kasama Project

Nat Turner’s rebellion: The original Ferguson  Nat Winn,  Kasama Project

The racist militarization of Ferguson, Mo Workers World

Interview with St. Louis community leader Zaki Baruti  Liberation News/Party for Socialism and Liberation

Ferguson: The real Face of Racist Capitalist America Workers Vanguard (Sparts)



 PFLP salutes the Black struggle in the US: The empire will fall from within Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – PFLP


United Food and Commercial Workers (Michael Brown’s mother is a UFCW member)

American Postal Workers Union APWU

Communications Workers CWA

‘Mike Brown Is Our Son’  Labor Notes

Arrest Darren Wilson Now! Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied! Labor Fightback Network


FERGUSON: THE CANARY IN THE COALMINE United National Antiwar Coalition

The Fire This Time Jacobin

Love Me, Ferguson, I’m a Liberal Jacobin

Anatomy of Ferguson’s Police Riot The Nation

A Night in Ferguson: Rubber Bullets, Tear Gas, and a Jail Cell The Intercept

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