Israel/Palestine: Against Racism and Escalation

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Israel/Palestine: Against Racism and Escalation

Here’s a speech given by Shay G, member of Socialist Struggle Movement (CWI Israel/Palestine) as part of a demonstration in Haifa against the new wave of racism and military escalation. (source: facebook)

Thanks to all people who came tonight to demonstrate and show that the rats of the far-right, who yell “death to all Arabs”, and attack Arabs on the streets, are a minority in our society.

But the real problem is with the backing that they get from the government itself. The government of settlers and capital. The anti-peace government, which does all it can to deepen the occupation and make the conflict last.

A government which while the negotiations for peace were still carried on, within less than 9 months, has managed to approve the construction of 13 thousand new housing units in the settlements, to destroy over 500 homes in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, killed 61 Palestinians and wounded 1,100. All those are acts of state terror which we oppose.

In that situation, of no security to the Palestinian people, there is no and there can be no security to the Israeli people as well.

A showcase operation and military acts of revenge will only escalate and worsen the situation. We demand an end to the escalation! No to military attacks in Gaza and no to the continuation of oppression in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. We say yes to real and equal security to Palestinians and Israelis.

The murder of 3 Israeli youths is an act of cruel terror. The launching of rockets towards civilians in the South of Israel is a terrorist act as well, which Socialist Struggle Movement condemn. But the responsibility to that reality which create those acts is in the hands of the government which represents no-one but a minority of settlers and capitalist families.

Sooner or later the occupation dictatorship will have to face a mass struggle, with marches of tens and hundreds of thousands towards the checkpoints and settlements. It will face mass strikes and mass curfew violations. We support the right of Palestinians to fight against the occupation, including the right of self-defense against armed attacks by the military.

We demand that the mass arrests with no trial and the military courts in the West Bank will be terminated. We demand that Palestinian political prisoners will be released and that all Israeli and Palestinian people who are suspected of committing horrific acts as part of the conflict will be brought to a fair trial in special public courts which will be composed of representatives from both sides of the national conflict and with the participation of Israeli and Palestinian families who lost their loved ones in that conflict.

Socialist Struggle Movement wishes to emphasize that ending this bloody circle requires ending the occupation and the settlements, as part of a struggle for a just and equal peace, and a fundamental, socialist, change of life in this region.

We, people of Haifa, Jews and Arabs and people from all over the country need to continue this demonstration with more demonstrations and more educational actions against the far-right and the attempts of escalations by the settler-capitalist government.

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