Russia: Stop intervention to stop the war! (CWI Russia)

Statement of Russian comrades of the Committee for a Workers International. It takes a correct internationalist and working class perspective against Russian intervention and for a class struggle approach to the situation in Ukraine and Russia.  posted by J Leslie

(a couple of slight edits made for style)  source: Facebook




From CWI comrades in Russia:

Stop intervention to stop the war!

For the unity of the working people in the fight against the oligarchs and instigators of ethnic conflict!


Today it became clear that the Russian regime is preparing (…if not already started) military intervention in Ukraine under the pretext of protecting Russian citizens in the Crimea, and perhaps even in other parts of eastern Ukraine. On television and in official media launched a propaganda war against the “extremists, terrorists and fascists” of Western Ukraine.


After the events on Independence Russian ruling elite was in confusion. Losing control of the Kiev government, suffered from wounded pride and, more importantly, from a loss of economic influence, the Russian regime has decided to provoke a conflict between eastern and western Ukraine.
Part of Russian liberals, looking at the experience of its Ukrainian adherents will naturally oppose the outbreak of war in the hope that the experience of the Maidan may be applied in Russia. But at the same time they support the new Ukrainian government, a coalition of liberal and nationalist forces, which makes the laws not just against the rights of the Russian population, but against the economic and social interests of all working people of Ukraine.


And in fact, workers in Ukraine and Russia have common interests: we all suffer from exploitation, poverty, unemployment and devaluation. The ruling elites in Ukraine and Russia will try to divide us along ethnic lines, that we could not effectively fight them. Now they are ready to start a war to protect their selfish interests.


Realizing this, we call on all workers and left-wing internationalist anti-war organizing committees in Russia, in Ukraine and in Crimea to prevent this war. These committees should take the initiative to hold a mass agitation among the workers and soldiers that they took an active part in the resistance war. Antiwar committees should encourage and organize self-defense squads of ethnic workers in the Crimea and other regions to prevent the development of inter-ethnic conflict. Help create in both countries workers’ organizations to combat the effects of neo-liberal reforms and political parties are ready to fight for political power


Today we say:

Russian imperialism – out of the Crimea! Withdraw its troops and military bases to remove!
No interference west or the new Ukrainian government in the affairs of the Crimean autonomy!
No referendum in the Crimea at gunpoint!


…for the workers’ struggle in all regions, as against the nationalist parliament and Russian nationalism and imperialism!


Instead of nationalist laws and pogroms in the interests of the ruling elite, for the nationalization of enterprises and large property all the oligarchs and capitalists under the control of workers in the interest of all.


For a constituent assembly of all sections of the people to replace the rotten bourgeois regime by a single independent socialist state.


For the organization of a mass workers’ party, the anti-war committees, strike committees in the workplace to guide the common struggle of all workers, students, and state employees.


For the solidarity of workers of all nations! Stop the intervention! 



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