No intervention in Ukraine


No intervention in Ukraine –J Leslie & W DeLuca

The prospect of Russian intervention in Ukraine and a corresponding response by US and European imperialism threatens to accelerate the march towards war and civil war there.  Some on the left, lacking a class perspective, fall into the error of campism. They either tail after Great Russian chauvinism or after US/EU “democratic” imperialism.

While the Maidan  movement was a mass outpouring of disgust and anger against a government of thieves and gangsters, the emerging alternative is not acceptable.  The new provisional government is a government of neo-liberal austerity with some key posts held by outright fascists. As such, it will be an unstable regime. The early steps taken to attack the Russian language minority and other national minorities and the promise by Svoboda  to outlaw abortion point towards a reactionary and anti-popular regime.  As such, there should be no question of any support for the “democratic” provisional government.

The Russian intervention in eastern Ukraine threatens to split the country, with the more heavily industrialized half of the country being assimilated into some sort of Great Russian project.  There should be no support for any Russian intervention in Ukraine.

What is needed is a movement of the united Ukrainian working class based on an internationalist policy that is independent of both contending imperialisms.  Such a movement would oppose neo-liberal austerity schemes, which will balance the price of EU “support” on the backs of the Ukrainian working masses.  That said, only an internationalist policy based on the friendship and solidarity of the working classes of the former Soviet Union will be capable of offering a real alternative to the carve-up of Ukraine.  This requires building a genuine working class alternative in all of the former USSR that is based on class struggle and a return to the Leninist policy of national self-determination.

Unite the working classes of the former Soviet Union against austerity and gangster capitalism!

No support for the provisional government of reaction and neo-fascism! Death to fascism!

For a new socialist revolution based on workers democracy and internationalism!  Once and for all bury the putrid corpse of Stalinism!

No Russian or US/EU intervention in Ukraine!

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