Statement from Ukrainian socialist organization Borotba – 25 February


The following is a statement from the Ukrainian Marxist organization, Borotba (Struggle).   Borotba is a fusion of several smaller groupings:  the majority of the Organization of Marxists – Ukraine,  former members of the Leninist Communist Youth Union of Ukraine (youth organization of the Ukrainian Communist Party), members of “the Youth against capitalism” movement – Ukraine,  the All-Ukrainian union of workers, Youth Association “Che Guevara” -Ukraine, as well as  other organizations and individuals.

See also:  Borotba Communiqué #3

Statement from Ukrainian socialist organization Borotba – 25 February

As “Borotba” predicted in the November-December, the victory of Maidan will lift to power ultraliberal and Nazi block. Approximate composition of new government recently published just proves our conclusion.

Future Premier Arsenii Yatsenyuk, whose candidature was actively supported by EU bureaucrats (El…mar Brock), stated: “Western world will help come out of a crisis… Immediate help from our European partners is required. Program with IMF should be resumed immediately.”

We remind that the requirement for the gaining IMF money is the raising taxes for population to the level of world prices, reduction of social benefits and acceleration of neoliberal reforms. This Yatsenyuk’s statement means that new government will listen to the voice of international financial structures, but not the voice of people.

Participation in new government of such symbolic figure as Viktor Pinzenyk – “spiritual father” and “foreman” of burglarious privatization shows the way of economical politics of new government – maximum of liberal capitalism and minimum of social state.

Nationalistic forces actively pretend on the “force”, cultural and humanitarian block in new government. It is typically that the possible candidate on the position of education minister is Irina Farion from VO “Svoboda”, known by her nazi views, in particular, calling for criminal indictment for using Russian language.

By this, new liberal and nationalistic government has hostile class character for working population in the country.

Information of including in SBU and Ministry of Internal Affairs authorities leaders of blatant nazi structures of “Right Sector”, attempt to ban communist activities, pressure on unwanted media demonstrably illustrates repressive and antidemocratic character of new government.

“Borotba” Union supports spontaneous antifascist actions in the cities of South-East Ukraine and states that members of “Borotba” will actively participate in these actions. After taking down Yanukovich this actions will no longer have supporting character of the government. Simultaneously, we guess that influence of Russian-nationalistic forces in these protests is harmful. Healthy forces of people can be united only on the principles of internationalism and friendship of nations, but not on the contraposition of people by the national, language or religious attribute.



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