Indeed “To Defend Haiti is to Defend Ourselves”! By U.S. Political Prisoner Russell Maroon Shoatz


Indeed “To Defend Haiti is to Defend Ourselves”!

By U.S. Political Prisoner Russell Maroon Shoatz

Haiti is the embodiment of our noblest dreams and our worst nightmares.

When Napoleon Bonaparte was hatching his dreams of world domination, he needed first to remove from his midst a body of French revolutionary soldiers. He thus amassed an expedition to the Western world, where those “true believers” thought they would be spearheading another effort to spread the gospel of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. They were headed not to rebellious Haiti, but to that area of North America where an upstart nation bordered the French held lands that stretched form the Mississippi river to the Rocky Mountains: the United States.

Thus these soldiers were the forerunners of what Bonaparte dreamed would be the shock troops, who would employ their revolutionary zeal to eventually conquer the entire Western hemisphere.

As an afterthought, that madman ordered these troops to first stop off in Haiti in order to suppress the rebellion there.

We know the rest of the story: Between then and its 1803 independence, the Haitians exhibited to the world the noblest spirit of sacrifice, struggle and determination. Then went on to succor and outfit Simon Bolivar, so that he could carry the revolutionary fight to South America.

Few in the Western hemisphere know how much of a debt they owe Haiti.

But the enemies of freedom know; and they have never forgotten Haiti!

We know that sad story also. Yet for over two hundred years, we’ve allowed ourselves to neglect our comrades in Haiti – with notable exceptions like our late beloved Commander Hugo Chavez. Or to rush to aid our Haitian sisters and Brothers in the wake of some disaster or another.

The nightmare rests on the fact that isolated, embargoed, occupied, massacred and starved, the Haitian people and the land that has given them succor has been driven to the very edges of GENOCIDE and ECOCIDE. A condition that if allowed to destroy them, will signal that the rest of us cannot think, act and struggle creatively and strategically in a manner that stands a chance of preventing the entire planet from suffering the same fate.

– Cancel Haiti’s foreign debt!

– Return the money extorted from Haiti at independence!

– Pay reparations to cholera and human rights victims!

– Immediately withdraw the UN troops from Haiti!

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