Massacre in Korea
Massacre in Korea


by Wayne DeLuca

The United States has been going through war games and military exercises in the Korean peninsula, provoking outrage from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea). This is described as “saber-rattling” and portrayed as incomprehensible by the bourgeois press. Their racist and imperialist sentiment is on full display as the DPRK is called the “mysterious country” and hands are wrung over whether the country is pursuing a nuclear program. Cut-rate Kremlinologists make grand pronouncements in utter ignorance of the country they are talking about. All of this happens in the shadow of real US nuclear weapons in the Republic of Korea (South Korea) and the US military machine having occupied that country for six decades.

Revolutionary socialists do not sympathize for a moment with the Stalinist bureaucracy in Pyongyang. But we oppose any attempt by the US or other imperialist nations to decide who will rule there. Only the Korean people have the right to rule all of Korea. The racist media rushes to depict Kim Jong Un and his father as mad tyrants who have starved their people, but ignores the crippling sanctions and embargoes by which imperialist countries that have kept the DPRK on the knife’s edge of starvation for decades. Any bellicosity from the DPRK must be taken in the context of UN sanctions in January and March this year, which are conveniently ignored by most media coverage.

The nuclear question is the leading note in the drumbeat building towards a possible war. But after the devastation of Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq in 2003 by US invasion, any country finding itself in the crosshairs has sought a nuclear program as the only sure deterrent against similar assault. The Republic of Korea that is held up as a beacon of democracy bans revolutionary socialist organizations under a reactionary law, and is run by a handful of corrupt family groups that own most of the large corporations such as Samsung, Hyundai and LG. The US does not seek liberation for the people in the DPRK but to turn its people into cheap labor for those and other corporations.

In the United States, the antiwar movement has largely failed to build around Korea, being focused on tailing Obama (United for Peace and Justice), on other campaigns (such as United National Antiwar Coalition) or building in a way that requires de facto support for the Kim dictatorship (ANSWER). There is a real danger that the US and imperialist countries will provoke the DPRK to some action that can be used as a pretext for another war on the peninsula. It is an urgent task to build massive antiwar mobilizations that say:

US and Imperialist Hands Off North Korea!

US Troops Out of the Korean Peninsula and East Asia!

End all sanctions against North Korea!

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