No to war! No to French intervention in Mali! Withdraw the troops Now!

French army soldiers in Mali

intro:   Statement against the French imperialist occupation of Mali by the Independent Workers Party of France.  Also, links to valuable articles by Roger Annis, a Canadian socialist, on Mali.

Communiqué of the Parti Ouvrier Independant (POI), January 11, 2013

87 rue du Fbg-St-Denis 75010 PARIS
+33 1 48 01 85 85

No to war!

No to French intervention in Mali!

Withdraw the troops Now!
The POI – which on several occasions has warned against any threat of intervention and interference by the French government in Mali – is outraged by the statements by the President of the Republic on 11 January 2013, saying that “France will respond”, “within the framework of the UN Security Council Resolutions”, to the request for military intervention issued the day before by the Bamako regime.

In reality, French military forces have already been deployed in the city of Sévaré in central Mali since Thursday, 10 January, with the presence of eight aircraft at the military airbase.

The POI condemns the French military intervention in Mali, which has straightaway received the support of the United States and the European Union (and all the governments it comprises); an intervention which, as before in Afghanistan and Libya, will be a blow against the national sovereignty of all the countries of the Sahel (beginning with Mali and Algeria), and which aims to open up a path to chaos, of which the peoples and workers will be the victims.

The sole function of Resolution 2085, unanimously adopted on 20 December 2012 by the UN Security Council and supported by the French and US governments as well as the European Union, is to open the door to a military intervention in Mali.

The POI calls on all workers, activists and youth who value peace, democracy and social justice. It declares itself against the French military intervention, in favour of the immediate withdrawal of the troops from Malian soil, in favour of the peoples’ right to selfdetermination and in favour of the sovereignty of nations.

As a part of the International Liaison Committee of Workers and Peoples, the POI expresses its militant solidarity with the forces of the democratic labour movement in Mali, Algeria and throughout the world who oppose the military intervention and declare their
support for respecting the sovereignty of nations.

Paris, Friday 11 January 2013

POI National Secretaries
Claude Jenet, Daniel Gluckstein, Gérard Schivardi, Jean Markun


see also:

France’s “long haul” in Mali by Roger Annis from Socialist Worker, US

The roots of France’s war in Mali   by Roger Annis from Socialist Worker, US

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