Videos: Fairness At Patriot: It’s Everyone’s Fight/Rally and March in St. Louis

What’s at stake at Patriot:

  •  Peabody Energy and Arch Coal – the nation’s largest coal companies – created the spin-off company, Patriot Coal, in a scheme to rob thousands of union members and beneficiaries of their pensions and health care benefits.  Patriot Coal filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy in July 2012.
  • In 2007, Peabody Energy created Patriot Coal, and in 2008 Patriot bought Magnum, a spin-off of Arch Coal.  Patriot Coal inherited over $1 billion in retiree pension and health care obligations from Peabody and Arch.
  • Patriot Coal now wants to be released from its pension and retirement obligations covering more than 20,000 UMWA retirees and beneficiaries in West Virginia, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky and Ohio.


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