Women’s oppression and socialism – a compilation of links (update 11/22/13)

women at the barricades- Paris commune 1871
women at the barricades- Paris commune 1871

Women’s oppression and socialism; a compilation of links

Fighting for the liberation of  women is a key task for revolutionaries.  We offer here a compilation of links of both a historical and theoretical nature drawn from the Marxist tradition.

Early Contributions

The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State, Frederick Engels, 1884

Only in Conjunction With the Proletarian Woman Will Socialism Be Victorious  Clara Zetkin, 1896

Lenin on the Women’s Question, Clara Zetkin

International Women’s Day, Alexandra Kollontai, 1920

Communism and the Family, Kollontai, 1920

bolshevik women



The Myth of Women’s Inferiority, Evelyn Reed, 1954

New Light on the Origins of Man, Evelyn Reed, 1963

Is Biology Woman’s Destiny?,  Evelyn Reed, 1971

Toward a Mass Feminist Movement  1971 Convention Document


Other Sources

The forgotten history of the “class struggle feminist” current  International Viewpoint

Marxism, feminism and women’s liberation  Sharon Smith, Socialist Worker- US

Marxism and Women’s Liberation: video: Sharon Smith and Abbie Bakan

Black Feminism and Intersectionality  video:  Sharon Smith and Nikeeta Slade

Marx and Engels on women’s and sexual oppression and their legacy by Sandra Bloodworth, Marxist Left Review

Women’s Self-Organization: A Marxist Justification, Johanna Brenner

Marxism and Feminism, Socialist Organizer

Manifesto of the Fourth World Congress of the Fourth International-ICR (1998):  TO WORKING CLASS WOMEN

The Fourth International and the Struggle for Women’s Liberation Our Perspective  (USEC-FI)

The Character of Women’s Oppression  ((USEC-FI)

Positive Action  (USEC-FI on building the leadership of women in revolutionary movements)

Stop The War on   Women!,  2012, Emergency Labor Network

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