Massive protests in India following gang rape- statements and reports (updated 1/7/13)


We are posting these articles by the Radical Socialist and Workers Socialist Party in India, as well as an important article from Links magazine, on the current situation following a brutal gang rape in New Delhi.  The oppression of and violence against women must be stopped and the full participation of women, both  in the struggle for justice and for socialism, is something the revolutionary left must strive for by every means possible.

Articles and statements do not necessarily reflect the views of this site.  Note: The web site of the Workers Socialist Party is called the New Wave.  There is another group with the name New Wave in India as well.  This second group is the source of the article taken from the LIT-CI site.

UPDATE  We are saddened to announce the death of the victim, a 23-year-old student.  Our solidarity extends to all of the fighters in the mass struggle to stop rape and the oppression of women in India and around the world. Time to keep the pressure up for justice!

ARTICLE  A Report on a Convention on Strategies for Struggle Against Rape, Sexual Harassment, held on 5 January 2013   Radical Socialist

ARTICLE  India gang-rape victim dies in Singapore

ARTICLE  After the death of the Delhi rape victim, the fight for women’s rights must go on  

byPriyamvada Gopal, Guardian UK 


WSP Calls Upon the Youth and Workers to Intensify the Anti-Govt Protests!  posted 30 Dec., 2012

No More Rapes in Delhi   posted on LIT-CI site 29 Dec., 2012


Statement on the Delhi Bus Gang-rape and Popular Protests

from Radical Socialist, India

  • Solidarity with the protesters in Delhi.
  • Down with government violence and misleading information.
  • Punish every rapist and all those who support or abet rape.
  • Radical Socialist Statement on the Delhi Bus Gang-rape and Popular Protests

There have been sustained protests in Delhi against the rape of a young woman of 23 in a bus, and the callous attitude of police, administration and politicians till the protesters forced their hands. This has been taken up across India. Protests have been heard in Kolkata, in Srinagar, and in many other places. This issue must be put in its proper perspective in order to understand why there has been such a massive outpouring.

It is not because this is just an incidence of unusual violence that people are angry. And it is not that this is a middle class issue, and that is why the middle class is angry. The former detaches the particular issue from the general, while the latter is a very one sided presentation.



WSP Statement on Gang-Rape in Delhi: Intensify the Protests, Occupy Delhi!!

Workers Socialist Party, India

Society as a whole remains shocked at the savage gang rape of a 23 year old para-medic girl and the brute violence upon her and her male companion, by six men in a moving bus in New Delhi, national capital of India.

The outrageous incident has shaken the conscience of the nation. Civilised forces are up in arms and protest demonstrations are going all over the country.  READ MORE
by Kavita Krisnan, Secretary of the All India Progressive Women’s Association (AIPWA).]  Links Magazine
ARTICLE   The Lessons of December Uprising and Our Tasks  by Rajesh Tyagi/ WSP/ 27 December 2012

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