Israel/Palestine: a compilation of links

Israel/Palestine: a compilation of links

Introduction:  We are providing a compilation of links to help educate and further a discussion on the class nature of the Israeli state and, additionally, make a case for a solution.  In part, this is motivated by the position taken by some on the left in favor of a “two-state” solution, which in our opinion is incorrect  — even when put in terms of two “socialist” states as part of a socialist Middle East.  This “two socialist states” position is an abstraction and an excuse to put off concrete action now in solidarity with a legitimate national liberation struggle.

1. Background – the nature of Israel and history of Zionism

The Class Character of Israel  by Machover and Orr (link to International Socialist Review)

The Hidden History of Zionism by Ralph Schoenman

Resolution on Israel and the Arab Revolution, US Socialist Workers Party, 1971

Israel: Colonial-settler State  by Phil Gasper  (ISR)

2. BDS and other current movements

Palestinian trade union movement forms historic BDS coalition

BDS Movement

A slander on our movement  (Socialist Worker replies to The Militant newspaper charge that BDS is “anti-Semitic”)

3. social movements in Israel

a. unions

Histadrut: Israel’s racist “trade union”

Boycott the Histadrut!

b. the tents movement

Do Israeli protests signal a shift toward class-struggle politics?

Palestinians and the “Housing Crisis/Tent Protests” in Israel

c. Palestinians in Israel

Palestinian citizens of Israel face systematic discrimination

Discrimination Against Palestinian Citizens of Israel

4.  Two States or One? Self-determination and Imperialism

Palestine and Israel: a Marxist critique of the “socialist” two-state approach


Gaza and Palestine: Statement by the Fourth International

Some Reflections on “Oppressor Countries”, “Oppressed Countries”, Imperialism and the National Question By François Forgue

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