The Memoir of Veronica Jones

The Memoir of Veronica Jones

Friday 28 September 2012
[Philadelphia book-signing event–details below–

Memoir of Mumia Trial Witness Details
Police, Prosecution and Judicial Abuse

Veronica and the Case of Mumia Abu-Jamal, as told to her sister Valerie Jones is the posthumous memoir of a key witness in the frame-up conviction of political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal. Sometimes painfully raw, always vivid and forthright, this is the life story of Veronica Jones. She saw two other men run from the scene of the shooting death of police officer Daniel Faulkner—she was a witness for Mumia’s innocence. Unbeknownst to anyone but her younger sister, Veronica’s life was also intimately entwined with Faulkner’s.
Before she could testify at the 1982 trial, police detectives threatened Veronica with 10-15 years in prison and separation from her young children if she did not falsely name Mumia as the shooter. At Mumia’s trial she recanted her original and true witness statement and denied that she saw anyone run from the scene. This gave the prosecution evidence for conviction.
In 1996 when Veronica courageously came forward to redeem herself and correct a fourteen year old lie, notorious Judge Albert Sabo, “king of death row,” and the prosecution retaliated and had her handcuffed and arrested off the witness stand!
Veronica’s memoir provides a compelling understanding of how the judicial system works to convict an innocent man.

Cornel West endorsed this work: “The Jim Crow ‘justice’ continues to unfold in Brother Mumia Abu-Jamal’s case. Don’t miss this powerful and poignant book!”

Long-time advocate for justice for Mumia Abu-Jamal, actor Ed Asner:
From the outset, I became a Doubting Thomas of Mumia’s guilt. I couldn’t claim his innocence, just that the trial and conviction were a modern day lynching. Veronica Jones’ memoir totally validates my doubts. I am also awestruck at the enormity of Philadelphia corruption in its courts and the police and the pandering of public officials such as Tom Ridge and Ed Rendell to mob mentality. Veronica Jones deserves a posthumous medal as a truth bringer.

Mumia Abu-Jamal has written a Forward for this memoir, acknowledging Veronica’s courage and resistance to government threats and abuse.
She was black-mailed with the threat of prison and a mother’s ultimate fear — separation from her babies! — to get her on the stand.
And still she did not fold. She did not say what the government wanted her to say. In spite of ungodly pressures.
What courage! She fought back in the only way she could — Veronica Jones resisted. I did not know the slender, brown woman on the stand, beyond name, supposed profession, age, address. But I wish I did. I wish I could’ve hugged her. I would’ve told her how proud I was of her, her spirit, her fire. But I never had the chance.
When you read her words, I bet you’ll want to hug her too. For she was a remarkable woman, who fought many battles in her life; losing some, but fighting still. Let this work, blessed into being by her loving sister, Valerie, be her testament.
Veronica withstood that abuse and testified to the truth of what she saw the night police officer Faulkner was killed – and exposed the police coercion to make her lie at Mumia’s trial. Outrageously no court –from the blatantly pro-prosecution Philadelphia judge Albert Sabo to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to the federal district court Judge William Yohn –gave any credence to Veronica’s testimony or the evidence of police and prosecutorial misconduct.

As Valerie Jones concludes, “Veronica died on December 1, 2009. I dedicate this book to Ronnie, my big sister, the most courageous person I’ve ever known. I miss you terribly and I hope I’ve shared your story in a way that does you justice. If that mission has been accomp- lished, this is the only justice you’ve received – thus far.”

In addition to a Forward by Mumia Abu-Jamal, the book includes his October 4, 1996 commentary, “Fugitive from Injustice,” and an afterward by Rachel Wolkenstein, an attorney working since 1987 to free Mumia, “The Legal Significance of Veronica Jones’s Testimony.”
Veronica & the Case of Mumia Abu-Jamal, as told to Valerie Jones will be available in paperback from Xlibris, and as an e-book from Books will be available in the Philadelphia @ Black & Noble Bookstore @ the corner of Broad Street & Erie Ave now.
Book Launch and Signing event will be Saturday 20 October 2012 @ Black & Noble Book Store @ 1pm ***

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