fantasy and reality in corporate propaganda

photo of happy workers from Lonmin Mining web site

fantasy and reality in corporate propaganda

The photo above is taken from the web site of Lonmin Mining. It purports to show the many happy workers who labor in the platinum mines they run.  That’s the fantasy they want outsiders to believe.

The reality is shown by the photos taken of our fallen comrades, the miners killed by ANC cops.

  • autopsies show the majority of the dead were shot in the back while fleeing police gunfire
  • now the South African State has charged the strikers with murder for the death of their comrades killed by cops.
  • The mines are dangerous with the danger of rock falls crushing workers and the dust caused diseases silicosis and tuberculosis.
  • pay in the mines is about 4000 Rand per month or in US dollars $475 per month.
  • Build solidarityy with South African workers!


  1. Who are the clients of Lonmin Mining? If we can make a map that links the trail of abuse for profit, we can ulearn who is profiting and focus pressure on everyone in the chain to do better. Plenty will claim they don’t even realize they are in the chain.

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