Support Builds for Chicago Teachers

Support Builds for Chicago Teachers

intro from Labor Beat

In the weeks leading up to the start of the Fall 2012 semester for   Chicago Public Schools, preparations continue on both sides of the class   divide for a possible teachers strike. But it looks like momentum is shifting   toward the Chicago Teachers Union, as community support builds, and the CTU’s   huge membership has voted to authorize a strike if needed. In the first half   of this 25 min. video we visit a lively rally in front of CPS headquarters,   where CTU VP Jesse Sharkey eloquently describes the change to the offensive.   Parent and community anger at the Board is now palpable. Then, with the aid of   CTU Organizer Matthew Luskin, we look further into this phenomenon, including   a July 11 press conference by the newly-formed Chicago Teachers Solidarity   Campaign, and the budget hearings on that day.

Then the second half of this video in earnest delves into the issue of   the TIF ‘fiddle’ perpetrated upon the public schools by powerful people in the   City, including, it looks like, members of the CPS Board. The end result has   been that tax funds that should have gone to the public schools have been   diverted into investments for developers. For example, Penny Pritzker,   billionaire and appointed member of the school board, is the beneficiary of   $5.2 million TIF funds going toward the building of her new Hyatt hotel. Could   this be why Pritzker, and her other business chums on the CPS board, aren’t   interested in protesting that the city should fund the public schools with   those taxes, even though these board members are supposed to be the   stewards of public education in Chicago? Length: 25 min.

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