Electoral fraud in Mexico: videos and statement by OST

Marches of Yo Soy 132 in Mexico against electoral fraud

Recopilación de las marchas #yosoy132 en todo México.

 Yo Soy 132March in Mexicali, Mexico

Pena Nieto, Produced By Fraud; Respect the Will of the People!

Statement of the OST (Organización Socialistade los Trabajadores)  Mexican section of the Fourth International

Immediately after the Federal Elections Institute (IFE) and outgoing PAN President Felipe Calderón raced to declare Enrique Peña Nieto’s “triumph,” the U.S. government and President Barack Obama recognized the PRI candidate as the “new president” and assured that Mexico had “a free, fair and transparent electoral process.”

The major media outlets in the United State were quick to present Peña Nieto as “the winner of the elections.”

Behind the declarations of the IFE and Calderón, the reality appeared: The PRI candidate is the candidate of U.S. imperialism.

The Spanish mainstream newspaper El Pais, which is tied to the Clinton family, summed up the “mandate” that Obama gave to Peña Nieto when it said: “He will need to open up to support from other parties, particularly the rightwing PAN. Š He needs to liberalize the energy sector, opening up the state oil company Pemex to private investment, to reform education and institute efficient and modern fiscal and judicial systems.”

The Business Coordinating Council (Consejo Coordinador Empresarial), an organism dominated by transnational corporations, announced that it is going “to join the work of Peña Nieto’s teams in preparing the counter-reforms on the subjects of energy (further attacks against the Mexican Electrical Workers Union, total opening up of Pemex and the Federal Electricity Commission to foreign capital), fiscal policy (value-added tax for medicines and food), labor (fully expand subcontracting and individual contracts and putting major obstacles in the way of collective action on the part of unions), education (assault on public education and teachers’ unions with instruments of war such as “universal evaluation” imposed by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development). (1)

In reality, Peña Nieto’s “votes” came about through an enormous operation organized before the election: Money raised and spent hand over fist (in blatant violation of funding limits); agreements with Televisa; distribution of millions of business cards and construction materials as bribes; participation by PRI governors; and bitter doses of violence. The IFE, whose advisors were named by the same institutional parties, did not see or hear anything of this. What’s more, it added its own manipulation when counting the votes.

Following the directives of the U.S. government, Peña Nieto aims to bring the country into “better integration with the United States” — i.e., he aims to convert the country into a colonial territory. As part of this “better integration,” Peña Nieto plans to expand the violence and chaos created by the drug-trafficking war as well as the Mérida Plan imposed by the U.S. government.

All working people are in danger: The teachers, the SME electrical workers — who are fighting to be reinstated to their jobs, for their collective-bargaining agreement and for a public utility company — miners, peasants and indigenous people. Also endangered is Pemex, the Institute of Social Security and Services for Government Employees (ISSSTE), the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), labor rights, the future of the youth and the rights of peoples facing the mining consortiums and the “mega-projects.”

LOPEZ OBRADOR DOESN’T ACCEPT THE IFE RESULTS On Monday afternoon, July 2, presidential candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador declared: “The huge cumulus of irregularities, the purchase of millions of votes, the exceeding of campaign spending limits by five billion pesos on the part of Enrique Peña Nieto all constitute sufficient arguments to challenge the presidential election. I will not accept or permit the fraud; all records of the ballot boxes and vote counting will be requested.”

“I cannot accept any result until we are certain that the vote of the citizens has been respected and the election hasn’t been falsified,” López Obrador concluded.

These words express the feeling of millions of people throughout the country. Given these words, don’t the political leaders and the unions — such as those of the miners, telephone workers, electrical workers, university workers and teachers, who demonstrated for “No vote for the PRI, No vote for the PAN!” — have the responsibility to support this declaration?

As these words were being pronounced, the youth took to the streets to express their outrage over the fraud by the PRI during a combative demonstration — with their slogans of “Here we see, Here we see, Peña Nieto as president will not be!”, “Mexico without the PRI! “Reject all electoral fraud!” and “Democracy, democracy!”

It is vital today that these youth support López Obrador’s declaration because, divided, we will not be able to stop the imposition of Peña Nieto as president. What is needed is unity in action with López Obrador and with the unions that demonstrated for democracy, as well as with all those organizations that agreed not to accept the fraud orchestrated by the IFE — and behind this institution, the PRIAN (the PRI and the PAN) … and the U.S. governmental agencies.

Hundreds of thousands of people, who were overwhelmed by the magnitude of the fraud, are searching for ways to express their rejection of the drive to impose Peña Nieto, with his plan of destruction, which is nothing more than the plan of the government and transnational corporations of the United States.

Everywhere they are seeking to document the proof of the giant fraud. And they are finding this proof, as in the case of the wholesale distribution by Peña Nieto’s campaign of the Soriana cards to buy votes!

In many places, people are starting to organize united-front meetings and demonstrations.

Now is not the time to be discouraged. The battle hasn’t ended; the youth have given us an example to follow! Let us all support López Obrador’s declaration. Let us all go to our unions, to our organizations, to the youth marches, and let us all propose to fight for the unity of all the forces who refuse to accept the imposition of Peña Nieto against the will of the people!

This is all the more urgent as Peña Nieto is sharpening his knives against the workers, the youth and the nation with his “structural reform” plan, dictated by the U.S. government and Big Business.

We call for the formation of committees of the Workers and Peoples Political Organization (Organización Política del Pueblo y los Trabajadores / OPT) in order to fight for unity against Peña Nieto’s counter-reform plans, which put at risk the unity and sovereignty of the nation as well as the rights of working people and their living conditions.

Mexico City, July 4, 2012 @ 10 a.m.

* Peña Nieto: A candidate of the U.S. government

* Peña Nieto announces immediate destructive “reforms” against the nation and working people

* Lopez Obrador refuses to recognize the IFE (Federal Elections Institute) results. We should all support his declaration!

* Youth mobilizations continue: “Down with Peña Nieto!”



(1) The Business Coordinating Council was founded in 1976 as the response by the national business sector to the growing government intervention in the economy and the implementation of measures that were clearly populist. This was openly stated on its website: http://cce.org.mx/acerca-de/.

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